How Much Bacteria is in Your Trash Can?

Where is that smell coming from? You may find yourself asking this question. When you check the fridge, it doesn’t seem to come from there. You immediately notice it’s coming from the trash can, so you … Read More

Why You Should Clean Your Trash Can

Well, it’s holding trash already, right? So, why would I clean my trash can? This is a common response when someone gets asked whether they clean their trashcan. People throw rotten food, empty containers, and other … Read More

Why Does Your Garbage Bin Smell So Bad?

It’s no secret that garbage stinks! Even worse, if trash is left out for a couple of days while fermenting in the Florida sun – it’ll reek. But exactly why does your garbage bin smell so … Read More

What Can I Use to Clean My Trash Can?

What Can I Use to Clean My Trash Can

Listen, no one likes to clean the trash can (we’re talking about the outdoor garbage can here, not the little one in the kitchen). It’s a stinky job with lots of germs.  Not to mention how … Read More

Top 4 Reasons To Have Your Trash Can Cleaned

Each day we toss garbage and whole host of other things in our trash can… The coffee grounds left over after your morning caffeine boost. The meat trimmings from the chicken alfredo being prepared for dinner … Read More

Welcome to the Clean Cans Blog!

Welcome to Mr. Clean Can's Blog!

Introducing Clean Cans™, Your Neighborhood Trash Can Cleaning Service! It’s true. Unless you are cleaning it yourself, your trash can is dirty, grimy, and musty. But let’s face it… who wants to clean their trash can? … Read More