Epcot Flower & Garden Festival: What You Don’t Want to Miss

Now that we’re a couple weeks into the spring season, it’s time for a fan favorite festival over at Epcot! The Flower & Garden Festival is the perfect way to celebrate spring! From beautiful topiaries, to delicious food, to live entertainment, Mr. Clean Can has his recommendations for what you don’t want to miss.

Topiaries & Gardens

What’s better than seeing your favorite Disney character? Seeing them made out of flowers and plants! While you walk around Epcot, you will be able to see your favorite Disney characters as beautiful topiary sculptures! We loved seeing all of them, but we have a few that you must see before the festival ends!

One of our recommendations is one that’s almost impossible to miss, because it’s located in the main entrance! Once you enter the park, you will find Sorcerer Mickey as a topiary with his brooms. We think this is the perfect spot for a family photo, because not only will you have Sorcerer Mickey, but also Spaceship Earth in the background!

After paying a visit to Sorcerer Mickey, we recommend checking out the beautiful topiary butterflies in Future World West, Lady and the Tramp in Italy, and Peter Pan and Captain Hook in the United Kingdom pavilion!

The Goodness Garden Butterfly House is a must visit! You can see all different types of butterflies, and even learn about them. You will find these beautiful butterflies in Future World West!

Another garden we recommend paying a visit to is the Shakespeare Garden at United Kingdom Pavilion. Here you will find some of the flowers and plants that inspired Shakespeare’s famous sonnets!

Delicious Dishes

The best part of any Epcot festival, in our opinion, is the numerous options of delicious food you can try! But, what to try? There are so many options, which is why we have our favorites that we think you’ve got to try!

For those of you that are looking for something savory, we have quite a few recommendations. You do not want to miss the Grilled Street Corn on the Cob that’s located at the Trowel & Trellis booth. It has a savory garlic spread on it, and it does not disappoint.

Another delicious option to try is located over at The Honey Bee-stro booth. They have an amazing Tupelo Honey and Sweet Corn Spoon Bread that has jalapeños, bacon, and house-made whipped honey butter.

Once you’ve hit both of these booths, you need to head over to the Festival Favorites booth for the Fried Green Tomatoes with Blue Crab-Fennel Salad. This is a fan favorite dish, and once you try it, you will understand why!

Now that you’ve tried some dishes on the savory side, we have recommendations for those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth. First up on our list is an absolute cannot miss. The brand new booth, Epcot Sunshine Griddle, has Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites with Cream Cheese Frosting and Candied Bacon. These sweet bites are packed full of cinnamon goodness, and will satisfy your craving for something sweet.

If Fried Cinnamon Roll Bites aren’t your cup of tea, we highly recommend trying the Griddle Maple Pound Cake in Canada at the Northern Bloom booth. It’s served with a warm peach compote and sweet corn gelato!

Looking for something not so heavy, but more refreshing? Make a quick stop at the Refreshment Port to grab their Popsicle Trio! You’ll get three popsicles, one honeydew, one raspberry-mint, and one coconut-lime. The perfect treat to cool off on a hot day!

Live Entertainment

The Flower and Garden Festival has some great options for those of you in search of a good show! Our very favorite show to watch is the Jammin’ Gardeners. This year it is over on the stage by Canada, also known as the Canada Mill stage. We love this show because these guys are fun to watch, and the performance is very impressive! If you and the family are in search of somewhere to sit and relax for a bit, head over to the America Gardens Theatre. On Fridays-Mondays, you will be able to catch a local Orlando band performing!

There are many things to see, eat, and enjoy at the 2021 Flower and Garden Festival, so grab the family and head over! Be sure to let us know your recommendations in the comments below!