When’s the last time you thought about trash can cleaning?

Face it, you never clean your trash can. In fact, you hold your breath every time you open the lid. It’s time to change that!

Say goodbye to your stinky, smelly, & grimy trash can and say hello to Clean Cans, Your Neighborhood Can Cleaning Service!

Clean Cans is a curbside trash can cleaning service that comes to your house on trash day to clean and sanitize your trash cans! No more bacteria, no more smell, no more dirty cans!

Watch our video, see how it works, then sign up today!

What about Trash Can Cleaning for my Business?

Clean Cans’ residential customers know that our trash can cleaning service is a dream come true…but it’s not just for homeowners!

In addition to residential service, Clean Cans also provides commercial trash can cleaning for waste management companies and local businesses, in the Orlando metro area. No business it too big or too small! Contact us today for commercial pricing!

Trash Can Cleaning in Celebration, Kissimmee, Davenport & beyond!

Clean Cans Trash Can Cleaning Service - Now Serving Celebration, Kissimmee, & Davenport

Clean Cans is proudly based out of beautiful Celebration, Florida. In addition to providing trash can cleaning to customers in Celebration, Clean Cans also serves neighboring communities of Kissimmee, Windermere, and Davenport . We’ve also recently expanded into parts of Winter Garden, and Ocoee!

If you’re located outside of one of our current service areas, please drop us a line and let us know that you would like to see Clean Cans in your town!

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