When’s the last time you thought about trash can cleaning?

Face it, you never clean your trash can. In fact, you hold your breath every time you open the lid. It’s time to change that!

Say goodbye to your stinky, smelly trash can and say hello to Clean Cans, Your Neighborhood Can Cleaning Service!

Clean Cans is a curbside trash can cleaning service that comes to your house on trash day to clean and sanitize your trash cans! No more bacteria, smell, or dirty cans!

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What about Trash Can Cleaning for my Business?

Clean Cans’ residential customers know that our service is a dream come true…but it’s not just for homeowners!

In addition to residential service, Clean Cans also provides commercial can cleaning for waste management companies and local businesses, in the Orlando metro area. No business it too big or too small to have us clean their trash cans! Contact us today for commercial pricing!

Trash Can Cleaning in Winter Garden, Windermere, Celebration & beyond!

Clean Cans Trash Can Cleaning Service - Now Serving Celebration, Kissimmee, & Davenport

Clean Cans is family-owned business based out of beautiful Celebration, Florida. In addition to providing trash can cleaning to customers in Celebration, Clean Cans also serves the neighboring communities of Clermont, Kissimmee, Windermere, Winter Garden,
Ocoee, Davenport, and beyond!

If you’re located outside of one of our current service areas, please drop us a line and tell us you would like to see Clean Cans in your town!

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How Do I Clean My Trash Can?

It goes without saying that your trash cans can often emit a foul smell, are dirty, and probably remain that way for extended periods of time because trash can cleaning is way down on your list of things to do. The typical process for cleaning your own trash can will involve the following steps:

  • Remove trash and debris from inside the trash can.
  • Use a garden hose to wet down the inner and outer trash can surfaces.
  • Spray a mild detergent and brush the surfaces of the trash can.
  • Spray chlorine to sanitize the interior and the trash can lid.
  • Rinse off soap and chlorine from trash can surfaces with garden hose.
  • Towel dry the trash can or leave it to air dry with lid open.

While this trash can cleaning process is relatively straightforward, it’s still not a desirable task or household chore that you want to willingly do. With so many cleaning related tasks to do around the house on any given day, you can be forgiven for procrastinating on the cleaning of your trash cans.

In hot climates, you end up sweating profusely and although the thought of the cool spray from the garden hose in enticing – the reality is that the water that does end up spraying on you is dirty, contains bacteria from your trash can, has a foul smell and is the furthest thing from refreshing (it’s not even funny!).

Is there a better way?

We live in a world of convenience, speed, lack of free time and a plethora of responsibilities spread between the usual juggle of work, family, social life – also pepper in screen time with cell phones, TV shows and taking some time for ourselves.

Enter Clean Cans, the Original Central Florida Trash Can Cleaning Company!

Clean Cans is ‘Your Neighborhood Can Cleaning Service’ and is quite possibly the best home service that you didn’t know you needed! Trash bins, garbage cans, trash cans… whatever you call them, they get dirty, smell bad and need to be cleaned.

The services we provide at Clean Cans essentially eliminate the need for you to clean your own trash cans – whether you choose our monthly service or one-time/as-needed cleaning option, you don’t have to worry about the job of cleaning your own trash cans again. A simple visit to www.CleanCans.com where you enter your address, the day(s) your garbage cans are picked up and payment details and you will be on your way to cleaner trash cans in a matter of minutes. There is no pressure to be committed to a long term contract either, Clean Cans does not require you to sign a contract for our trash can cleaning service.

When you sign up for Clean Cans, our Clean Scan™ system automatically creates a unique barcode for each of the cans you have signed up to have cleaned. We attach these barcodes to each one of your cans to allow our Field Operator to scan them upon completion of the trash can cleaning – this sends you a text message to confirm the cleaning has been completed and populates your online account with a record of service.

Our residential trash can cleaning service area covers:

With weekly requests for additional zip codes, towns and residential communities, Clean Cans has plant to expand into areas such as Hunters Creek, FL, Lake Nona, FL, Poinciana, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL and Lakeland, FL.

As a small, family owned business our goal is to provide our customers with a convenient and valuable service that gives them back some time to do things that they would rather be doing. With the added benefit of a fresh, clean trash can – our trash can cleaning service will undoubtedly become a staple in your arsenal of tools and services to make your life easier!

What Do Clean Cans Customers Think?

Abraham Saavedra
Abraham Saavedra
01:32 28 Dec 19
I have been using Clean Cans for about 2 years now. They come out once a month and do the cleaning that no one wants to...those nasty trash/recycling cans. Once clean, they are better than new as they are not only clean, but smell fantastic! They even text you the day before to remind you they are coming. Awesome service!
Chelsey McCarty
Chelsey McCarty
18:40 27 Dec 19
Clean Cans is an awesome service! Since our trash cans are required to stay inside our garage, per our hoa, we wanted to keep our garage smelling as clean as possible. Clean Cans helps us with that!
Ginger Dupré
Ginger Dupré
16:40 27 Dec 19
We LOVE Clean Cans! They keep our cans sparkling clean and odor free! Highly recommend!
Tricia Merring
Tricia Merring
16:07 27 Dec 19
Exceeds my expectations.Can that smell good and look incredible.Very grateful for them
kathy slutsky
kathy slutsky
15:58 27 Dec 19
Especially like the reminder text messages every month. There is no problem contacting clean cans if we have to cancel for the month. EXCELLENT service, always. Clean cans make it a pleasure for walkers on trash pickup days, and our garage, where we store our cans, doesn’t stink . We are so glad Clean Cans offers this service.
Donna Howard
Donna Howard
15:43 27 Dec 19
We have never had a problem with Clean Cans. They come every month without fail and as advertised notify the you the night before to leave your cans until after cleaning. Then I receive a text after it’s been cleaned. I no longer have to hold my breath when walking up to it with a trash bag. I highly recommend Clean Cans.

But, I can clean my trash can myself…

Of course you can. You can also mow your own grass (but you hire a lawn company), make your own coffee and put it in a travel mug (but you go to Starbucks or gas stations for your caffeine fix), make your own pizza, build a kit car, walk to work… you get the idea. It’s natural that we look for solutions that offer convenience, practicality and value.

You aren’t lazy if you choose a service provider to make your life easier – you are smart! By utilizing the services and expertise provided by others, you can focus on what matters most to you.

In that vein, it’s probably safe to say that cleanliness, hygiene and a pleasant environment matter to you. You clean your bathroom, clean the floor if your pet had an accident, clean your clothes after wearing them and wash your body. If you didn’t do all these things, what would happen? Bacteria and germs would be abundant, foul odors would fester and the general environment of your home would be unpleasant and undesirable.

Yes, maybe a touch dramatic – but it paints the picture. Your trash can is dirty, smelly and a vessel of yuck.

If you choose to continue cleaning your own trash cans, more power to you! We won’t hold it against you – but remember, you can always contact us if your good intentions of cleaning and washing your trash can yourself, don’t materialize!

Before we go…

We often get asked the question:

Why do I have maggots in my trash can?

Let’s keep it brief. You have maggots in your can because it is dirty, has remnants of rotten food in it and emits gases that attract flies. These flies lay their eggs on the rotten food which essentially becomes a source of nutrition for the larvae (maggots) to feast on as they go through the stages of growth to become flies. Did you know that maggots become flies in a time period of only 6 to 11 days.

There you have it. The dirty trash can that you neglect to clean is the reason you have maggots in them.

Not to worry – clean your trash cans yourself and end up dirty, sweaty and having to accept a less than perfect end result.

Or… check out Clean Cans, Your Neighborhood Can Cleaning Service. No dirt, no sweat, just a perfectly clean, fresh smelling trash can (no need to stand back and look at your handy work, you can use that moment to hug your kid, watch the game, go out with friends, play a round of golf or get another project completed).

What are you waiting for?

Let’s get started today!