Trash Can Cleaning in Davenport, Florida

Introducing Clean Cans, your go-to solution for trash can cleaning in Davenport, Florida!

We're a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in providing an eco-friendly, convenient, and efficient service to keep your trash cans clean and fresh. Since our founding in 2017, our goal has been to transform the way people deal with dirty and smelly trash cans by offering a service that promotes a healthier and cleaner environment.

Our innovative approach to trash can cleaning helps homeowners save time (and stress)! We've made it our mission to provide top-quality service that eliminates the hassle and unpleasantness associated with cleaning your dirty trash cans. With our state-of-the-art self contained cleaning system, we've become the #1 choice for trash can cleaning in Davenport and surrounding areas.

More About Clean Cans in Davenport Florida

Trash Can Cleaning In Davenport

Clean Cans uses a unique cleaning process that sets us apart from traditional cleaning methods. The Clean Cans truck is a state of the art piece of equipment that uses high-powered cleaning jets to ensure your trash cans are not only spotless and free from bacteria, mold, and pests.

After cleaning, we apply Clean Cans Trash Can Tonic, our enzyme-based deodorizer, which smells great and helps to keep your trash can fresh for weeks!

Once we're finished, we'll send you a text message reminder so you know your cans are cleaned and ready for you!

Save yourself the time and hassle of scrubbing down your own trash can, and keep harmful chemicals out of our streams and rivers, by letting Clean Cans do the dirty work for you.  You'll wonder why you hadn't signed up sooner!

The Benefits of Clean Cans & Frequent Trash Can Cleaning

Signing up for Clean Cans not only helps you get your trash cans smelling fresh, but it also contributes to an overall cleaner household.

Our environmentally friendly cleaning methods ensure that your cans are sanitized and deodorized without without chemicals that could harm the environment or your family's health.

Most importantly, you're freeing up your valuable time and energy for the things that truly matter. Instead of tackling the dirty and time-consuming task of cleaning your trash cans, let us handle the job for you – so you can focus on enjoying time with your friends and family.

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Trash Can Cleaning In Davenport

Proudly Serving the Davenport Community

Located in the heart of Central Florida, Davenport is a charming town known for its beautiful surroundings, friendly neighbors, and strong sense of community.

Clean Cans offers convenient trash can cleaning service to the residents of Davenport, helping you maintain a clean and healthy environment for your family!

As a trusted name for trash can cleaning in Davenport, Clean Cans continues to expand its services to communities throughout the area. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction has propelled our growth and allowed us to become the top provider of trash can cleaning in Central Florida!

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Two Cleanings Each Month
Per Month
  • Two Cleanings Per Month
  • 3 Month Minimum
  • Additional Cans Only +$10/Cleaning
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Once Monthly

Keep Your Cans Sparkling
Per Month
  • One Cleaning per Month
  • 3 Month Minimum
  • Each Additional Can Only +$10!


Cleanings Every 3 Months
Every 6 Months
  • Four Cleanings Per Year
  • No Contracts!
  • Additional Cans +$10/Cleaning


Single Cleaning
Per Cleaning
  • One Cleaning
  • Each Additional Can +$15

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