Have you cleaned your trash can recently?

Trash can cleaning in Celebration… yes, a new service to do the job that you never want to do!

No one looks forward to cleaning their own trash can, it is one of those jobs that you know you need to do, but you never get around to it or you find an excuse not to!

You don’t have to live with that smell and dirt in your trash can any longer! Clean Cans is the only provider of trash can cleaning in Celebration and is proud to help the community maintain fresh, odor-free trash cans.

Clean Cans visits your home to clean and sanitize your trash cans. The bacteria and waste that cause the odors are cleaned out using our high pressure, high heat trash can cleaning system to leave your trash can fresh and sanitized!

Trash Can Cleaning in Celebration FL!

Clean Cans, Trash Can Cleaning in Celebration

Clean Cans is proudly based out of beautiful Celebration, Florida. In addition to serving residential customers within Celebration, Clean Cans also serves commercial customers!

If you’re interested in the best trash can cleaning in Celebration, sign up today! We’re always looking for new neighbors!

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Two Cleanings Each Month
Per Month
  • Two Cleanings Per Month
  • No Contracts!
  • Additional Cans Only +$5/Cleaning ($10/mo)
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Once Monthly

Keep Your Cans Sparkling
Per Month
  • One Cleaning per Month
  • No Contracts!
  • Each Additional Can Only +$5!


Single Cleaning
  • One Cleaning
  • Each Additional Can +$10

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