Get Your Kids Back into the School Routine

It’s the time of year to start thinking about getting back into a school routine! After a summer full of sun, fun and lazy schedules, getting kids back into the swing of things can seem tough.

But there are plenty of easy steps you can take to make the transition back to school easier. Don’t wait until the last minute or you’ll find yourself scrambling to get ready or wondering why you hadn’t started this earlier. We’ve gathered the most helpful to-do’s to help your family get back into the school routine. Here’s what you should do.

Back to School Shopping

Start off the back to school routine with an exciting trip to get new school supplies! There’s nothing like a bag full of new stuff to mark the start of a school year. Think – backpacks, lunch boxes, pens, pencils and other age appropriate tools. 

Pro tip: Remember to make sure your kids have shoes that fit! After a summer of running around barefoot or wearing flip flops, it’s easy to forget to check their shoes. If they don’t fit, add it to the shopping list. You don’t want that kind of surprise on the first day of school.

Limit Screen Time to Get into the School Routine

During summer, kids can spend all day on their tablets or games (hey, no one’s judging). But part of a school routine is doing activities that having nothing to do with phones, computers or tv’s. 

Take your kids to the library and get them to read quietly each day for an hour. Or have them journal for awhile whether it’s about their day, a dream they had or a made up story. If you’re feeling adventurous, put together a craft project for them to work on. Anything that limits screen time will help kids fall back into a school routine more easily. Plus, their teachers will thank you for it.

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Restart a Bedtime Schedule

Kids need to feel well rested to pay attention or learn so make sure you implement a bed time well before the first day of school. That way, it gives their bodies time to adjust to the new sleep schedule so they can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle their school work. 

If you put this chore on the back burner because you don’t want to argue over bed time, you may find yourself arguing with them over everything else instead. People who aren’t well rested can get grumpy over little issues. Try to get your kids on a good sleep schedule a week or two before school starts.

Establish a Morning Routine for School

Not only is a bed time important, so is waking up! A school routine includes getting ready in the morning. Especially for children that aren’t morning people, make sure you’re waking them and getting them moving just like you would during school days. 

Get them to eat a healthy breakfast and get dressed. You might consider having them complete a small chore in place of gathering their things for school. That way, they’re already used to getting things done in the morning. 


What else did we miss about getting back into the school routine? Let us know in the comments!