How to Eat Healthy this Holiday Season

Winter is the time of year to indulge, eat, drink and be merry. And no one in their right mind wants to lose weight or eat healthy during the holidays. 

But just because it’s the season for feasting doesn’t mean you have to completely sabotage your diet. 

Don’t overindulge to the point of discomfort but don’t skip the festivities for a meal replacement shake either. Clean Cans brings you the best tips to help you stay healthy during the holidays.

Substitute Healthy Ingredients for Fatty Ones

This one’s important, especially If you’re doing the cooking. Most recipes call for butter laden, full fat dairy but there’s nothing saying you can’t use a few healthier substitutes. 

For example, try fat free sour cream or greek yogurt in place of regular. The taste is marginally different, especially if you make up for it with seasoning and other ingredients. Or substitute half Stevia for regular sugar in your dessert recipes. 

There are plenty of ways to use healthier ingredients in place of fatty ones. Both your body and waistline will thank you for choosing better alternatives.

Watch Your Alcoholic Intake

With the stress of planning holiday meals and interacting with family, nobody is suggesting you skip the alcohol. But pay attention to the amount you’re drinking as the calories can add up fast. 

Try to limit your alcohol intake to 1 drink per hour and alternate drinks with glasses of water. Also pay attention to the mixers you use to make your drinks as many of them are heavily laden with sugar.

Instead, try mixing your drinks with club soda and a spritz of lime. Another perk of reducing sugar intake is the easier hangover you’ll have the next day.

Skip Full Servings of Dessert

For those with a sweet tooth, staying away from dessert can seem nearly impossible. But this is where you can really pack in the calories so you have to be careful. 

Opt for a half serving instead of the full slice of pie. Allowing yourself a smaller portion will help you control your caloric intake and won’t make you feel like you’re completely missing out. 

Also try to take smaller bites of your dessert and savor each bite to make it last. If you are mindful of your dessert as you eat it, you may feel surprised just how satisfying a smaller portion can be.

Keep Active to Stay Healthy

The holidays may be a great time to indulge in food and drink, but it doesn’t mean you should skip exercising too. In fact, you might consider hitting the gym even harder before a big meal. Having a calorie deficit before heading into a big feast allows you to enjoy it a little more guilt-free. 

Remember, in the end it’s not all about weight. Staying active is healthy for your heart and overall well being too.

Portion, Portion, Portion!

The easiest way people lose sight of their health over the holidays is overindulging. Make sure you portion your food instead of blindly scooping up multiple servings onto your plate. 

A good rule of thumb to follow per meal is to eat a portion of carbs that is the size of your closed fist. Eat a portion of protein that is the size and thickness of your palm. And allow yourself all the leafy green veggies you can handle. 

Overall, portioning your plate will help cut down on calories while the leafy greens help you feel full. 


What are some of your favorite tricks to stay healthy during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!