A Clean Cans Story : Meet Angela Walker

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Meet Clean Cans Customer Angela Walker

Angela is a successful work from home publisher in Celebration, and satisfied Clean Cans customer. Her Husband, Brian, is an executive at an investment firm and travels most of the week. More importantly, they are loving parents to three incredible boys.

Conner, 3, full of spunk, loves creating landscapes on the living room walls. And the 18 month old twins, Beau and Ben, have become experts at reaching triple digit diaper changes each week. And, oh yeah, we can’t forget about Max. He’s the Walker’s chocolate lab that transforms the backyard into a minefield for the landscapers!  With Brian on the road most of the week, Angela certainly has her hands full!

How Does Angela Do it All?

Video conferences, a full inbox, and prospecting for authors. Clean Cans Multitasking Mom These are just a few of the daily demands Angela faces throughout the week. Washing Conner’s self-portraits off the walls and blowing raspberries on Beau and Ben’s bellies after a diaper change only add to the fun.

So how does Angela manage all of this AND the household chores during the week?  How does she make time for the dishes in the sink and the piles of laundry everywhere? The toothpaste splatter on the mirror, and Brian’s whiskers in the sink from Monday morning?  Max’s pooper scooper duty? How about the foul smelling trash cans stinking up the garage?

Building a Team

 Angela knows the only way to be a successful career woman and “supermom” is to build a team.  The Walkers have always taken advantage of the great services offered by local businesses in Celebration.  They use a housekeeping service once a week and a dog waste cleanup company to take some of the stress off of Angela.

The Walkers use social media pages like Celebration Back Porch on Facebook and neighborhood networks like Next Door to find great businesses to help out.

“It frees up time to spend with the kids and focus on being the best Mom and wife I can be” says Angela..

 The Walkers Clean Cans Story

One thing the Walkers could never find a solution for was their smelly trash cans in the garage.  Leftovers from dinner, Beau and Ben’s diapers, and Max’s pooper scooper bags were doing a real number on the cans.  Walking through that stench every time they left the house was not a pleasant experience and was embarrassing when they had guests over.

That’s why it was a no brainer when Angela saw that Clean Cans was now available in Celebration.  The smell was a real problem and Angela and Brian’s schedule left them no time to clean the cans.  It made the garage a place no one wanted to be.  And let’s face it, they didn’t want to deal with a disgusting, grimy trash can… no one does!

Angela saw our link to the Clean Cans Facebook page and was signed up for our 2x Monthly Service in just a few minutes.  We have completed two services so far and the Walkers couldn’t be happier. The garage has never smelled better and Brian is now lobbying for a Ping Pong table and dartboard in there. But Angela has other plans for her new scrapbooking table and art station for Conner! I guess we’ll have to stay tuned to see what the future holds for the Walkers fresh smelling garage thanks to Clean Cans!


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