Oops, I Forgot My Chores! Tips for Remembering Household Tasks

What were those chores you had to get done today? It’s right on the tip of your tongue…Ah, forget it!

If you just can’t seem to remember, you’re not alone. This year, National “I Forgot Day” is July 2nd. Gaye Anderson created this day for people to allow themselves to relax about the things they forget.

But for all the other days, finding a way to remember is better. Maybe your plants are withering because you keep forgetting to water them. Or you just can’t get that errand done because it keeps slipping your mind.

To help you combat these pesky problems, here are some surefire ways to help you remember forgettable chores.

Use a Reminder App

These days, just about everyone has a smartphone. One of the best ways to help you remember to get something done is using the calendar function on your phone.

For routine chores, it’s easy to set a repeating task that automatically pops up reminders. It’s great for responsibilities like putting the garbage out on the curb or taking your daily medication.

You can even set the tasks to invisible so they don’t clutter up your regular calendar view.

Pro tip: Don’t dismiss the task without actually getting it done first!

Leave Yourself a Visible Cue for One Time Chores

For one off tasks, leave something in your daily path to remind you to get something done. For example, put an item by the front door. When you see it, your brain will notice it because it doesn’t belong there and remind you to do that chore.

Make a Checklist of Household Chores

For long lists of chores, checklists work well to help you remember them. Instead of using a notepad, consider using a white board and post it in a room you use often. That way, you’ll get reminded multiple times a day about the chores and are less likely to forget about them.

Another reason to love checklists? You get to cross off the chores you finish – and everyone knows how good that feels.

Start a New Routine

They say you have to do something for 2 weeks before it becomes a habit. For certain tasks, especially daily ones, you may want to start a new routine.

A new routine happens when you do the same thing in the same way at the same time. For example, develop the habit of taking your daily meds after brushing your teeth. Eventually, it becomes automatic and you won’t even wonder if you remembered to do it. It just happens.

Post a Family Calendar

Share chores that are everyone’s responsibility on a family calendar. These are great because every member of the family can add to it and see what they need to get done. The trick is getting each person to do their chores – but that’s a whole other discussion.


So there you have it! We hope you like the ways Mr. Clean Can is helping you remember to do your chores. What about you?  Tell us your tips and tricks on remembering to get things done in the comments below!