Should You Keep the Trash Can in Your Garage?

At first, the idea to keep the trash can in your garage makes the garbage seem too close for comfort. After all, trash cans are stinky, smelly beasts that you just don’t want too close to you or your family. For the sake of hygiene, the trash should be outside, right?

Not so fast. Before you make that assumption, there are a lot of good reasons why you might want to reconsider keeping the trash can outside. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should keep your trash can in your garage or not, here are a few good reasons to consider.

Be Compliant With HOA Demands

A lot of HOAs (Home Owner’s Associations) have rules about the visibility of your trash can. Their goal is to keep up a standard for your neighborhood, making sure everything looks clean and neat. Often times, part of that standard is keeping your trash can hidden from sight.

What a lot of homeowners end up doing is building an outdoor alcove to shield their trash bin from being spotted. However, not everyone has the tools or means to build a new structure just for their garbage. An easy remedy is to keep the trash can in your garage. It’s an immediate fix that’s quick, easy and helps you stay HOA-compliant.

Keep Critters Out of Your Garbage

Putting your garbage can outside, whether or not it’s partitioned behind an alcove, can attract critters. Especially if your garbage is particularly smelly, pests will come raid your can. These pests can be smaller like cockroaches or mice, but trash cans will also attract raccoons or even bears.

The downside to smaller rodents is that once they’re finished going through your garbage, they may look for ways into your home and kitchen. Larger animals can tip your trash and drag it all around your yard, leaving a huge mess for you to clean up. Infestations can be tough to handle so it may be a better idea to keep the trash can in your garage. That way, critters never establish your garbage as a food source and stay away.

Prevent Others From Using Your Trash Can

Another good reason to keep your trash can in your garage is to make sure no one else is using it! Trash service can be costly and unsavory people around your neighborhood may dump their trash in your can to save a dime. To avoid this, keep your trash can in your garage where others can’t access it.

This is especially useful for large families that need the extra garbage space. Otherwise, you’ll have to pile up your trash next to the can, which can be unsightly. Some garbage trucks won’t take your overfill either without charging you extra.

Is It Time to Keep the Trash Can In Your Garage?

As you can see, there are strong reasons why someone would keep their trash inside the garage instead of placing it outside. The only downside is the smell a trash can could emit while in close proximity to your living space. One way to reduce odors is to clean your garbage can regularly.

If sticking your head into the bin and scrubbing doesn’t sound like a fun task to you, check out Clean Cans and see how we can help! Our affordable curbside cleaning services can sanitize your trash can on a regular schedule so you don’t have to think about it. That way, keeping your trash in your garage is not an issue.