Stocking Stuffer Ideas Everyone Will Love

Stocking stuffers can sometimes be tossed to the side, losing importance to the bigger, wrapped gifts under the tree. Not any more! Mr. Clean Can has some awesome suggestions for stocking stuffers that everyone in your family will love!

Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant? We love the idea of adding a gift card to your loved one’s stocking. If it’s to a place they love it shows not only that you pay attention to what they love, but it also allows them to buy whatever they like without you having to decide on one item!

Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets

Another stocking stuffer Mr. Clean Can loves is putting a lottery scratch off ticket in each person’s stocking. Not only will everyone be chomping at the bit to scratch their card, but they may even win some cash!

Favorite Candy

Skip the candy canes, and instead go for each person’s favorite candy! Do they love sour candy? Chocolate candy bars? Or maybe they don’t even care for candy, in which case you could give them one of their other favorite snacks! When they get their favorite candy, it’s guaranteed to be eaten, whereas sometimes the Christmas themed candy may end up in the trash.


We know, a giant board game won’t fit in a stocking, but there are plenty of small card games that will easily fit, and are fun for the whole family. For example, did you know they make mini Jenga?! And it’s only $4.99! Some other great options are Uno, Yahtzee to go, and Mini Cornole!

Phone Accessories

While a phone may be a little over ambitious as a stocking stuffer, an accessory for a phone can be a fantastic stocking stuffer! Some great options include phone cases, PopSockets, earbuds, and so on. The options are basically endless, and there will be a design of each item that you can pick for each individual person that they will love!

Personalized Socks

Socks aren’t typically the gift people get overly excited for. However, personalized socks are something to be excited about! You can personalize socks to each person. Do you have a family pet everyone one love to have on their socks? Maybe a funny picture of one of your loved ones that everyone would get a laugh out of? Or, even a favorite celebrity that your family member would love to have on their socks? Whatever it is, we’re sure you’ll be able to make and/or find the perfect socks for each person in your family! We suggest checking out Rock ‘Em Socks.

Do you have any suggestions for stocking stuffers? If so, let us know in the comments below!