Why Does Your Garbage Bin Smell So Bad?

It’s no secret that garbage stinks! Even worse, if trash is left out for a couple of days while fermenting in the Florida sun – it’ll reek. But exactly why does your garbage bin smell so bad?

When you know what’s happening, you’ll be better equipped to deal with it effectively and figure out whether the smell is normal. Because let’s face it, no one wants to waste time trying to figure out how to get a handle on their garbage bin’s foul odor. Here’s a closer look at why the pungent fumes in your garbage happen.

Food Waste

Most of the smells emanating from your garbage bin have nothing to do with the plastic, styrofoam, or cardboard you’re throwing in there. It has more to do with the food scraps that start decomposing, causing a strong odor.

This is especially true for meat and seafood scraps, which could benefit from disposal in double bags. Not only will it contain the smell better, you’ll prevent leaking. And you won’t have to answer your neighbors when they ask you, “Why does your garbage bin smell so bad?” with that grossed out look. 

Also try to rinse out jars or cans before disposal so there’s less material to rot. 

Biodegradable Items

Other items that can decompose also add to a garbage bin’s stink. Things like leaves, yard clippings, and grass will break down in your garbage bin. To help reduce the smell inside your garbage, try leaving these types of yard waste outside the bin until the day before trash pick-up. This prevents the items from mixing with whatever liquids are inside your garbage and accelerating the decomposing process.

Dog Waste

We love our furry companions but getting rid of their poop is a smelly affair. This is especially true if you’re dumping it directly into your trash. Dog waste already has a hefty smell on its own. But when you start mixing it with your garbage, the odor gets even worse. At the very least, make sure you’re separating the dog waste from the rest of the garbage with a bag.

If using more plastic isn’t an attractive option for you, there are ways to compost animal waste. Or simply dig a hole in your yard and bury the dog waste for a quick fix that won’t add to the smell of your garbage bin.

Bacteria and Microorganisms

When food begins to decompose, microbes start to multiply and feed on that decomposition. These microorganisms consume your trash to get nutrients while also releasing chemicals. This process can add substantially to your bin’s foul odor. Some of those chemicals include phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon. Our noses are particularly sensitive to odors like sulfur and can detect it even at low levels, making even a little bit in our trash seem like a big stink.

So why does your garbage bin smell so bad? In short, it’s the decomposition process and all the bacteria that feed on rotting matter.

If you’re feeling a little grossed out over these details, maybe it’s time to give your garbage bin a wash. Cleaning your garbage bin helps reduce the number of bacteria on the surfaces of your bin and can help keep you and your family healthier. But if you’re not up for dealing with this stinky job, don’t worry. Clean Cans can help with a quick service that’s affordable too!

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