Windermere Hometown Fun – Top Events Every Friday!

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As the Clean Can’s Family continues to grow in Windermere, we thought we’d share a few of our favorite things to do in this incredible town.  We love living in Central Florida and bringing great service to our neighbors and friends.  The rich culture and community are what makes this a truly incredible place to live.  Here’s a few of our favorite things to do in Windermere.

Food Truck Friday!

Every 4th Friday the  Downtown Business Committee hosts Family Food Truck Night.  The event is held on brick main street in front of Town Hall located in the heart of  downtown.  Trucks are open for business from 5-9:30pm and feature a huge variety.

From Lobster Rolls and crepes to chicken waffles.  The delicious possibilities are endless! And wash it all down with some authentic gelato from Sweet City.

Don’t worry about what to make for dinner this Friday.  Take the family to the Food Trucks Friday in Windermere.   Don’t forget to bring a few chairs and blankets to make yourself a cozy spot to chow down.

Check out a full list of vendors and dates on the Food Truck Friday Facebook page.

Head to the Windermere Farmer’s Market

Shop local and support your community! Every Friday from 9am-2pm, the Downtown Business Committee hosts  Windermere Creps the Windermere Farmer’s Market.  The Market is held on brick main in front of Town Hall.  Come by and check out the awesome selections of produce, arts & crafts, breads, cheeses, coffees, and more from local businesses!

Check out a list of local vendors at the market HERE


Need a Friday Night Wine Down? … Head to Tim’s!

Tims Did you miss Food Truck Friday? No problem! Every Friday night that there is no food truck event, Tim’s Wine Market at 428 Main Street in Windermere offers a FREE sampling of featured wines.  No reservations needed.  Just show up, enjoy the great company, and sample some wine!

Check out the event schedule HERE


Stay in town this weekend and support local businesses.  Make the time to get out and experience the culture and community of Windermere. Don’t let household chores and maintenance get in the way!

Let the Clean Cans team lighten the load.  We’ll knock that sticky, smelly trash can off the list while you enjoy everything your hometown has to offer.  We’re servicing your neighborhood today.