What is Trash Can Cleaning and Why Do I Need It?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get someone else to do all your cleaning for you? While we can’t promise we’re any good at dusting or vacuuming, we can help with one kind of cleaning. Get your garbage bin sparkling with our trash can cleaning service. That way, you can check at least one stinky job off your list.

Just think about it. Getting your trash can clean reduces the number of harmful bacteria growing in it. Fewer bacteria means fewer chances of you or your family members getting sick. After trash day, look forward to a spotless, odor-free bin instead of the stinky mess you normally avoid handling.  Here’s how it works.

How Does Trash Can Cleaning Work?

Clean Cans runs a mobile, truck-mounted trash can cleaning system. We coordinate with your trash days to make getting your trash can clean as easy as possible. Simply subscribe and let us know which days your trash is picked up, and we’ll come to your house and get your trash can spic and span each month!

When we’re done, we notify you with a text message so you know we’ve finished. Then, simply get home and enjoy your sparkly clean trash can. No more plugging your nose because of a dirty trash can!

Clean Cans™ Trash Can Cleaning ServiceWhat’s the Deal With That Big Blue Truck?

The big blue Clean Cans truck is the key to our trash can cleaning service.  It allows us to maneuver in and out of streets, rear alleyways, and busy on-street parking areas to get to your trash cans!  The Clean Cans cleaning process uses high-pressure, high-temperature water to clean away grime.  Our state-of-the-art system minimizes water waste without compromising cleaning effectiveness. The combination of water flow, heat, pressure and rotating cleaning heads ensure that your trash can is clean and smells fresh after each cleaning!

We also use an effective 3-stage gravity filtration system that removes solids (down to 10 microns!) from the wastewater, and we use a filter additive that removes heavy metals, phosphates, and reduces bacteria present in the wastewater produced.  We collect the filtered water from the cleanings in an on-board holding tank before disposing of it into the sanitary sewer system.  No need for our customers to fret over environmental concerns…after our treatment process, the water we dispose of is cleaner than normal household waste water!

To finish the cleaning off, we use an enzyme-based deodorizer that actively kills smelly bacteria in your trash can. That’s why our customers can count on us to get their cans clean every time. It’s why choosing Clean Cans is a no-brainer!!

What Separates Clean Cans from the Competition?

Clean Cans uses the latest in can cleaning technology to blast bacteria, dirt, and grime out of your bin. The Clean Cans system is custom designed, so it’s unlike any other commercially available trash can cleaning service truck.  Our system is self-contained, and was designed for maximum cleaning power and minimal environmental impact. 

We never make exaggerated claims about our process, and instead focus our efforts on providing customers with exceptional service.  Our Clean Scan™ Technology (exclusive to Clean Cans) notifies customers via text message after each cleaning is completed. We also provide complete service records to customers in their online account portal to make tracking activity quick and easy. 

When you choose Clean Cans, you choose reliable service that’s affordable and environmentally responsible.  Learn more and sign up at CleanCans.com!