5 Easy Easter Crafts Your Kids Will Love

Easter is just a few days away, and making some fun crafts with your kids will get the family in the Easter spirit! Mr. Clean Can has his favorite Easter crafts to share with you that are easy to put together, and your kids will love them!

Easter Egg Suncatchers

Not only will these be fun for the kids to make, but they’ll look beautiful hanging in your windows! All you’ll need is some contact paper, colorful tissue paper, scissors, sticky tape, and some ribbon!

You’ll first want to cut the tissue paper into strips. Once this is done, grab your contact paper and secure the strips of tissue paper on the contact paper in whatever order you desire! You have full creative freedom on how you lay the different colors on the paper. Once this is done, lay another sheet of contact paper over top, and cut them into an egg shape! Cut some ribbon, secure it to the top of your eggs, and voila! You now have some beautiful Easter egg suncatchers to hang in your window!

Toilet Roll Chicks

For these cute little guys, you’ll need googly eyes, yellow tissue paper, yellow paint, orange paper, and toilet paper rolls! You may want to cut the toilet paper rolls down a bit before you give them to the kids to put together, so they are more “chick” height.

Once this is done, the kids can start painting the rolls yellow. Once dry, secure the googly eyes and cut the orange paper into little beaks to glue on. Crumple up the yellow tissue paper to look like wings and feathers, and glue this on as well. You could also opt for actual yellow feathers to glue on, it’s really up to you and the kids! These little Easter chicks will be a fun addition to your Easter decor!

Classic Dyed Easter Eggs

The first craft that comes to mind when thinking of Easter is dyed eggs, of course! Mr. Clean Can has a simple way to do these that will keep the kids entertained! You’ll first want to hard boil the eggs before beginning any of the coloring. Fill a glass big enough to dip your eggs in with about half a cup of hot water. You’ll then stir in around 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar. Next, just add whatever color your heart desires. If you’re using food coloring, you’ll add about 20 drops, and for gel color, you’ll just add a generous drop.

Once your colors are set up, submerge your egg and turn it frequently so it will be colored evenly. You’ll want to leave the egg in for about 5 minutes, but if you want the color darker, leave it in for longer. Once you’re ready to pull your egg out of the water, lay it on a rack to dry, and there you have it, a classic dyed Easter egg!

Easter Bunny Paper Plate

An Easter Bunny craft is a must for Easter themed crafting with the kids! An Easter Bunny paper plate craft is easy to do, and the kids will love it! All you’ll need for this craft is a paper plate, black pipe cleaners, cotton balls, googly eyes, pink pom poms, white and pink paper, scissors, and glue.

Start by gluing the cotton balls all over the paper plate to create the “fur” of the Easter Bunny. You’ll then cut the white and pink paper into the shape of the bunny ears and glue these to the plate. Glue the googly eyes, pink pom pom as the nose, and the pipe cleaners as the whiskers, and you’ll have your very own Easter Bunny!

Peeps Houses

Instead of gingerbread houses, for Easter, you can make Peeps houses! You’ll just need graham crackers, Peeps, frosting, and candy for decorating the house.

Once the houses are assembled, the kids can use the frosting and assorted candy to decorate the houses however they like! Once the houses are complete, just stick a Peep in the house, and set them out for everyone to admire!