Backyard Cleanup Tips and Preparing the House For Fall

The change of season means another summer is wrapping up and coming to an end. In other words, it’s time to take care of business and prepare the house and yard for cooling weather. With the hot days coming to an end, Clean Cans brings you a useful checklist of backyard cleanup tips so you have a place to start.

Cooler weather is the perfect time to take care of the yard since the days of scorching heat are over. Who wants to sweat more than they have to outside of the gym, right? Take a look and see if you can put any of these backyard cleanup tips to good use.

Clean Up Nature’s Debris

Pick a cool day and rake up the debris in your backyard. Cleaning up the area is a good idea since pests and disease fester and multiply in foliage. You don’t want to deal with the bugs or your kids getting sick so grab a rake, gloves, and a trash bag and clean it up!

Now is also the time to trim back branches and prune your shrubs. Pay close attention to the overhead areas closest to your house. The last thing you want is for a branch to fall on it during a windstorm.

Take Care of the Vegetable Garden

With the weather turning, the summer vegetable growing season is wrapping up. Once the last vegetables are finished and dying off, pull up the old plants. Then, prepare the soil for planting your winter vegetables. You can do this by tilling the dirt completely and adding compost or manure to put nutrients back into the soil for bountiful growing.

Clean the Gutters

An annual check of your gutters is a must-do for every homeowner. Make sure you check your gutters for proper drainage. Forgetting to do this chore could lead to your roof rotting since the water sits against the house with nowhere to go. Skip this task and you could be shocked with an expensive bill to fix it.  If you toss the leaves from your gutters into your trash can, be sure to give us a call so we can come by and clean it up!

Protect the Deck

The high humidity of Florida temperatures can create a hotbed for mold growth. Cleaning your deck can help prevent mold and mildew. Give your deck a good power wash and put a new coat of protective sealant on it. Doing this once a year also prolongs the overall life of your deck.  

Clean the Patio

Over time, your patio may have build-up from food spills, foot traffic, pet messes, or bird and animal droppings. Use baking soda for an effective natural solution for cleaning your concrete patio. It’s safe to wash into the dirt and you won’t need to worry about contaminating water sources with harsh chemicals.

Prepare the Pool for Fall Temperatures

As temperatures start to drop, adjust your pool’s heating cycle and consider covering it at night to conserve power. Because it’s not as hot, you don’t need to use as many chemicals in your pool either. Baking soda is also an excellent alternative to pool chemicals at a fraction of the cost and uses the same active ingredient – sodium bicarbonate.


I hope you enjoy this list of backyard cleanup tips!  See how Clean Cans can make cleaning easy and enjoyable for you by signing up today!

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