Best Indoor Plants for Your Home

Indoor Plants Week is the third week in September! That means it’s time to turn your house into the indoor jungle of your dreams (…kidding, not kidding). 

To celebrate, we’ve gathered a list of the best indoor plants for your Florida home. Here’s a look at some of our favorites. 

Decorate With Succulents

Succulents are all the rage these days – and for good reason! These plants are very forgiving as they can live for weeks without watering. 

But they’re also sun loving so remember to place them near a window where they’ll get plenty of light. They’re also easy to propagate. Simply stick an end in dirt, water and wait for it to root.

Best Indoor Plants for Long Blooms

Orchids are a great indoor plant that displays their beautiful blooms for months at a time. They’re also very easy to care for. 

The common suggestion is to place an ice cube on the pot once a week, which is fine for minimal care. But a tropical orchid’s natural habitat is in a rain forest where they get plenty of water. So if you want to keep your plant healthy, you can water thoroughly.

The trick is to plant them in something fast draining (usually bark) so their roots don’t rot.

Multiply Spider Plants

Spider plants do well indoors and look good in hanging baskets. They’re also forgiving if not watered regularly. 

A happy spider plant will produce shoots with babies on them. Simply place one of the babies in dirt and you’ll have a whole new plant!

Indoor Plants that Don’t Need Dirt

Air plants, or Tillandsia, are a relative to bromeliads and come in all shapes, colors and sizes. These fun indoor plants are great for decorating since they don’t require dirt. 

You can place them anywhere as decorative accents and caring for them is easy. Simply soak them in a bowl every 2 weeks or so for thirty minutes. Once dry, place them back and enjoy.

An Indoor Plant that Also Cleans

Pothos is another plant that does well in a hanging basket and thrives in a wide variety of lighting. So even if your home has a dark spot, pothos will be okay. 

Known for purifying the air, you can feel good knowing this plant is absorbing toxins commonly found in carpets and rugs. 

Indoor Plants that Thrive on Neglect

Cactus plants don’t need a lot of attention. In fact they’ll even rot if over watered, making them the perfect indoor plants for the forgetful. Basically, they can go weeks without water or fertilizer.

The downside is a lot of cacti can be prickly, which may not be suitable around young children or curious cats. 

Accent the Living Room with African Violets

African violets are plants that thrive on bright, indirect light. That means they don’t need to stay on a windowsill and make excellent centerpieces. 

Just remember to avoid getting water on the leaves when watering as it may cause rot or spotting.


I hope this helps you find the perfect indoor plants for your home. Remember, always check light and watering requirements when choosing plants as you want to provide an environment where they can thrive. What are your favorite indoor plants? Sound off in the comments below!