Your Neighborhood Can Cleaning Service – Meet Paul Gregerson

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A Clean Cans Story: Meet Paul Gregerson

Paul is an IT specialist and new homeowner in Kissimmee.  He’s also a satisfied Clean Cans customer.  Your Neighborhood Can Cleaning Service.

Originally from the Northside of Chicago, he attended UCF where he played third base for the Knights baseball team. (Yes, he loves his Cubbies!)  Paul was offered a position in Kissimmee right out of school.  He decided to buy a townhouse and settle down in the sunshine state.

Paul hasn’t found that special someone …..yet. He is a proud Cat Dad, and shares his bachelor pad with two feline roommates. Their names are Felix and Oscar.  Paul loves them like children. They’re even the mascots for his fantasy baseball team!!

Paul still stays active playing Men’s Softball for the Kissimmee Rec Leagues in both the spring and fall.  He is one of the few single guys on the team.  That means the post-game hangout spot is usually his place.

Paul’s Clean Cans Story Begins..

Paul doesn’t cook very much.  His friends say he  boils a delicious pot of water and makes a mean tuna fish sandwich. That’s the extent of his culinary skill.

As a result, Paul’s trash can is forever full of some foul smells.  Leftover takeout Boxes. Microwave TV Dinners.  Felix and Oscar’s never ending supply of dirty cat litter.  The HOA requires that his trash cans be kept in the garage.  The smell can get pretty rough in there.  He’s the ideal candidate for a can cleaning service.

Last November, Paul had the whole softball team over to watch game 7 of the World Series.  He couldn’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face when his Cubs finally broke the curse.  The guys all had a blast.  But enough pizza, beer, and wings to feed 12 hungry softball players did a number on Paul’s trash can.  The stench of stale beer, buffalo sauce, and old 7-layer dip traveled from the garage and into the kitchen for weeks.  It was unbearable.  He even started parking on the street!

 Paul Has a Date!

Paul had a date a few days later with Nicole, a girl he met at work.  He had been swooning over her for months and the plan was to meet at his house and head to Disney’s Boardwalk for dinner.  This left him with only one option … Paul could not ignore the stench in his home any longer. Paul searched for a trash can cleaning service in the area but came up empty.  There was no choice…. He had to CLEAN HIS TRASH CAN HIMSELF!

Two pairs of rubber gloves, 2 bottles of all-purpose cleaner, and 4 rolls of paper towels proved to be no match for the grimy can.  The smell got a little better in the house but created an even worse stench on the lawn where he hosed out the can.  So he did what most of us would…. Sprayed some air freshener, lit some candles, and hoped for the best.

Your Neighborhood Can Cleaning Service to the Rescue

Paul saw the Clean Cans ads on Facebook one day in January.  He clicked and subscribed for 1x Monthly can cleaning service right away.  With spring on the way that means more Softball parties and even more smelly trash.  Paul was elated to finally have a can cleaning service in Kissimmee.

We have performed 3 months of service so far and Paul couldn’t be happier.  He never has to worry about a smelly can again.

Your Neighborhood Can Cleaning service saved Paul’s trash cans, his garage, and his love life.  He and Nicole are still together! We even start cleaning her cans in Celebration next week!

Join Paul, Nicole, and the rest of Clean Cans family today!


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