Do-It-Yourself Disney Halloween Costumes

The season for pumpkin spice lattes, reading books by the fire and making stellar Halloween costumes is here! This year we have some easy, DIY ideas for Disney inspired costumes. 

We know buying off the rack can cost a fortune – that’s why we’ve come up with a list of inexpensive ways to make your own. Not all costumes have to look exactly like the actual characters either. 

Disney Bounding is the latest trend happening among diehard fans. Essentially, it’s a subtler way to dress up using regular outfits inspired by Disney characters. We took that concept and incorporated it into our costume creation ideas. Here are some creative ways to make your very own Disney Halloween costumes.

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Frozen Inspired Costumes

For Anna and Elsa, simply find dresses in the color the characters wear. A great place to do that inexpensively is at your local thrift shop. The way to make it obvious your costume is from Frozen is to pay attention to the long shawl and cloak each of the women wear. 

To step outside the princess box, make a costume for the beloved snowman Olaf. The easiest way to make this is putting black felt circles on a white t-shirt. If you’re feeling ambitious, create the entire costume yourself and stuff it full of material to give it that snow man fluff. Then, take a white baseball cap and cut out felt circles for Olaf’s eyes and make an orange nose!

Woody and Buzz from Toy Story

For kids who love Toy Story, help them dress up as Woody for Halloween. All you’ll need is a yellow shirt, jeans, and cow print fabric. If you know how to sew, making the vest will be a breeze. But if you don’t, simply cut the fabric in the shape of a vest and glue it onto the shirt. Don’t forget the cowboy hat and toy guns!

For Buzz Lightyear fans, cardboard is your friend. Use it to make the boxy top half of Buzz’s outfit. You can paint the box, use colorful tape or glue felt to get the right look. Then, put on some white pants and decorate a pair of rainboots to match the rest of your creation. 

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costumes

There’s nothing more iconic about Wonderland than Alice falling down the rabbit hole in her blue dress chasing after the white rabbit. To make this costume, simply find a blue dress and put a white apron over it. It’s best to wear this dress with a petticoat, just like Alice did, to finish off your costume. To make it even more obvious, you can stitch a white rabbit onto the corner of the apron. 

Another Alice in Wonderland favorite is the Cheshire cat. Start with a pink outfit and find a thick purple ribbon to create the cat’s stripes. Then, draw his mischievous smile on some poster board and glue it onto a stick so your child can carry it around. You can also create ears and glue it onto a headband to complete the costume.


We hope you have just as much fun making these costumes as you do wearing them! Remember, it’s okay to use more subtle fashion to make Halloween costumes. Just make sure to include one obvious component that’s easily recognizable to help others identify the character you’re going for. 

Which Disney characters are your favorite? Let us know your DIY ideas in the comments below!