Why does my can not look like new?

Sam Lombardi

As much as we would love to wave a magic wand and make every trash can look brand, spanking new after we have cleaned it… often, it is just not possible.

With years of grabbing, tipping and scraping the plastic can be worn and scratched – beyond what any kind of cleaning can fix. Also, many cans have had harsh chemicals, solvents, paints, construction adhesives and various incarnations of grease, foods, animal waste and household items disposed of in them.

Sometimes, there may still be staining or marks on the trash can surface following our trash can cleaning. This is staining that can’t be removed using conventional cleaning methods – but rest assured our high temperature, high pressure cleaning system will clean and sanitize you trash can interior. Furthermore, our enzyme-based deodorizer will work on the foul odors in your can, even after we have left!