Four Dangers of Having a Dirty Trash Can

What’s lurking in your trash can? When you let your trash can get dirty, there are many things that begin to make a home out of your bin. Most of these things are of danger to you and your family. Mr. Clean Can is here to share with you the four dangers of having a dirty trash can so you can keep your household safe!

Insects & Pests

A dirty trash can is the perfect home for insects and pests. The bits of garbage that get left behind create a paradise for these little nuisances. This can cause a dangerous environment for you or loved ones especially when these insects bite or sting.

Different types of bees and wasps love flying around dirty trash cans, and they will not hesitate to sting you or a family member if you get too close. Along with these guys, you can find fire ants crawling around, and unfortunately they can be difficult to spot sometimes. A fire ant bite is no fun for anyone!


Warm, moist areas are the perfect places for mold to grow. While not all forms of mold are dangerous, there are some that are, and it can still be dangerous to anyone in your home that has a mold allergy. As long as your trash can is cleaned regularly, you should find that mold will not make a home out of your bin.


All of the leftover pieces of garbage that are left behind each time your trash is picked up will help bacteria grow in your bin. Some bacteria that you could come in contact with are Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria. When you take the trash out and your can hasn’t been cleaned, it’s very likely you will pick up this bacteria and spread it throughout your home.

When the bacteria makes its way into your home, many possibilities open up for you or your loved ones to become sick. A clean trash can will help prevent this from happening.


Any food scraps that are left behind in your trash can may emit odor as they begin to break down. If you notice a foul odor coming from your trash can, this means hydrogen sulfide gas has formed. While this isn’t necessarily harmful to you or your family, it can still irritate your respiratory system, eyes, and nose.

Keep your trash can clean, and you can avoid these four dangers of having a dirty trash can. Don’t stress over cleaning your cans on your own. Get Clean Cans today!

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