Garbage Disposal or Trash Can: What Goes Where?

Garbage disposals are convenient, and can help keep your trash can from getting smelly. However, what you may not realize is that you could be putting food in your disposal that you should be putting in the trash can instead. Mr. Clean Can is an expert on this topic, and is here to help! Continue reading to find out what’s good to go for your garbage disposal, and what you should toss in the trash can instead!

What’s Safe For The Garbage Disposal?

An easy rule of thumb for anything that is good to go in the garbage disposal is if it’s a soft, or liquid food, it’s good to go! Do you have leftovers that have been sitting in the fridge for a while? Toss them in the disposal! We also recommend putting produce in the garbage disposal. If it’s not soft, or if it’s too large, just chop it up some before tossing it in the disposal. Something that’s great to throw in your garbage disposal is any type of citrus. If you cut up a lemon, and need to throw the rest out, just toss it, peel included, into your garbage disposal! The peel will actually clean your disposal and help it smell nice! Whatever you decide to put in your disposal from our recommendations above, we just suggest making sure everything will grind up well so you do not mess up your disposal by putting too much wear and tear on it.

Toss It In The Trash!

There are some items you most definitely do not want to put in your garbage disposal. Certain products can cause your disposal to clog, or even stop working properly. Have you been tossing meat into your disposal? If so, there may be an unpleasant smell lingering in your sink. The meat can get stuck in the disposal, and will begin to rot, causing that foul odor. Many people recommend tossing your coffee grounds into your garbage disposal. However, this can actually clog your sink due to the grounds clumping together. You also most definitely do not want to throw any type of bones in your disposal. They will just continue to spin around with the blade, and never break up properly. Another type of food you may think would be the perfect thing to throw in your garbage disposal are potato peelings, however these are horrible for your disposal. They very quickly clog up your sink, causing a giant mess. Along with everything mentioned above, you also want to make sure that whatever you do end up putting in your garbage disposal is food, and not any type of paper, or other non-food items!

Helpful Tips For Running Your Garbage Disposal

When you run your garbage disposal, you always want to make sure that your water is running while you turn on the disposal. After you turn the disposal off, keep the water running for 30 seconds after, just to make sure everything is washed out. Another helpful tip to clean out your disposal is to throw some ice cubes in it while it’s running. They will help clear out any stubborn leftover food that’s stuck on the blades, or in the disposal. Keeping your garbage disposal and your trash cans clean will help eliminate any foul odors that slowly creep their way through your home.

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