Great Foods to Eat in the Summer Heat

This summer has been especially hot, making it nearly impossible to stay cool. However, did you know there are certain foods that can help keep you cool and hydrated in the heat? Mr. Clean Can has some great recommendations for you to try out during this heatwave!

1. Melon

Any type of melon is going to help you stay cool and hydrated! Melons are made up of over 90% water.

Whether it’s a cantaloupe or watermelon, we’re sure you’ll find it to be a refreshing snack.

2. Tomatoes

Whether you consider these guys vegetables or fruits, it doesn’t matter, because as soon as you bite into a tomato, you’ll instantly feel a bit cooler in the heat!

These guys are 94% water, and very high in antioxidants, which are proven to help prevent cancer!

3. Salad

Everything that goes into a salad will automatically help you feel cool and refreshed!

Spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and celery all are great, healthy options that you can throw together for a delicious, refreshing salad!

4. Spicy Foods

That’s right, spicy foods actually help you cool off! This is thanks to a certain sweat gland that is triggered when you eat spicy foods. This sweat gland causes you to release a lot of the salt in your system.

Along with this, sweating helps you cool off, so when you sweat from the spice, you’ll find yourself cooling off afterwards!

5. Berries & More

Berries such as blueberries, strawberries and blackberries are over 85% water, which will help you stay hydrated in the summer heat. Aside from berries, there are many other fruits that are great for beating the heat! For some Vitamin C, snack on some pineapple and oranges! Plums are also great for beating the heat, and will also help you prevent heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

Other fruits that are great for keeping you cool are pears, apples, grapes, and cherries! However, we suggest avoiding mangoes in the heat, as these are diuretic, meaning they flush water out of your system!

Do you have any go-to snacks or meals that help you feel cool in the summer? Be sure to share this post with your friends and include your own recommendations!