How to Get Love Bugs Off Your Car

It’s that dreaded time of year everyone! The love bug season has officially begun.  Those pesky bugs are out and about and ready to stick to your bumper! Mr. Clean Can has found some simple and easy ways to help clean the love bugs off your car. Avoiding these bugs is nearly impossible, so be sure to read through these tips and try them out!

Wax On, Wax Off!

This saying isn’t only helpful for those of you aspiring to be the next Karate Kid! It also helps keep the damage to your car from love bugs away! Turns out, waxing your car can protect it from the unavoidable love bug splatter. According to the University of Florida, opting in to have your car waxed the next time you go to get it washed can help you remove love bugs much easier than if you were to pass on the car wax! This is especially important for those of you that have your car in the sun for extended periods. Leaving the love bugs on your car while it sits out in direct sunlight can cause your vehicle’s paint to come off with the removal of the love bugs!

A couple of other ways to make the removal of these pesky bugs easier includes spraying your side mirrors with cooking spray, or even applying a light layer of baby oil over the parts of your car the love bugs land on the most! Be sure to do some research to make sure certain liquids won’t mess up your car’s paint. We’ve noticed during our research that some people said some of these liquids messed up their paint job. However, others said it worked perfectly with no damage!

No Time For Preventative Measures? No Worries!

If you don’t have time, or forgot to take the steps beforehand to help with the removal of love bugs, we have some other tips to help out! The nice thing about some of these tips, is most of them call for items you most likely already have sitting around in your home! One of these items is dryer sheets. Apparently, dryer sheets help scrub these bugs right off your car! Just hose down the car, prepare your arm for a nice work out, and then use some wet dryer sheets to scrub away! Mr. Clean Can recommends a nice car wash once you’re done using the dryer sheets. The sheets may leave a little residue behind, so a quick clean will get rid of that! Another simple solution is to grab a bucket, fill it up with warm water and mix in some dish soap. Use this mixture with a sponge, or the dryer sheet, as mentioned above, some elbow grease, and they will eventually come off.

Step by Step Process

Whether or not you prepared your car beforehand to help make the love bugs come off easily, Mr. Clean Can has the step by step process for cleaning them off!

  • Step One: Completely soak your car with water. If you have a high pressure hose handy, that will work wonderfully, otherwise, just a good spray down helps!
  • Step Two: If you are using any type of soap, or other type of liquid, we recommend applying it to the car (especially covering all of the bugs completely). Once all of the bugs are covered, let it sit a few minutes to let it do its work.
  • Step Three: Time to scrub! Whether you use a dryer sheet, sponge, rag, or whatever your heart desires, you’re going to need to wipe away the love bugs. This may take a little hard work and some elbow grease, but they will eventually begin to come off your car.
  • Step Four: Rinse your car off once you’re finished scrubbing. Once all of the bugs are gone, be sure to have your car cleaned with car wash soap!
  • Step Five: Protect your car! Be sure to use some of the preventative measures we listed previously in this post. They can help you save time when dealing with love bugs on your car in the future!

And there you have it! Some easy steps to take and tips to follow to get through this love bug season. Mr. Clean Can is here to help you save time and money.

Do you have any tips you’ve found useful for removing love bugs from your car? Let us know in the comments!