How to Get Your Home Clean & Keep it That Way

Let’s be honest, cleaning is not typically something anyone looks forward to. It’s much easier to sit on the couch and turn on Netflix than spend a few hours cleaning and organizing. However, once you have your house clean, some daily tasks will help you keep your house clean so you can still enjoy your favorite Netflix show. Mr. Clean Can has some tips and tricks to share with you!

Simple Tasks

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, start with simple tasks. Once you tackle these on a regular basis, you’ll find yourself ready to move on to some of the larger cleaning projects. What are these simple tasks exactly?

  • Make your bed every morning
  • Toss your trash/wrappers
  • Empty your sink & dishwasher
  • Organize your clutter
  • Put items away after using them

These small tasks will help keep your space clean, and after doing this for a while, it will feel like part of your daily routine!

Start a Daily Routine

For each day of the week, we recommend assigning one cleaning task to each day. For example, on Monday, you could make sure the kitchen is clean, on Tuesday, clean the bathroom(s), and so on.

Once you have each space clean, you’ll only really need 30 minutes to an hour each day that you can dedicate to cleaning! Along with assigning a cleaning task to each day, there are smaller things you can take care of throughout your day. If you have laundry to do, toss it in, and fold once it’s done. Do you have some clothes that you need to put back on hangers? Take care of that! The little things like this will help you keep your house nice and clean!

Tips for Full-Time Employees

When you work every day, we understand how undesirable cleaning may sound after a long day at work. However, Mr. Clean Can has some tips on how to keep your home clean that won’t completely exhaust you after you get home from work.

  • Take care of smaller tasks when you find a few minutes throughout the day. For example, if you’re ready for work and have 15 minutes before you need to leave, take care of the dishes, or some other simple task!
  • Do a little each day. If you set aside 30 minutes each day to tackle a cleaning task, you’ll find that you will have your clean house, and also some time to relax after a long day at work!
  • Clean every day! If you find something to clean each day, it’ll keep your home nice and tidy while not taking up your entire day off from work.

Cleaning is something most people never want to do, but if you follow these tips, we believe you’ll find that you have a clean house you can easily maintain!