How to Give Back to Your Community During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is all about spending time with loved ones and creating memories together. However, the holiday season is also about giving. Mr. Clean Can has some ideas on how you can give back to your community during this holiday season!

Holiday Food Drive

This holiday season, gather some of your neighbors and put together a food drive in your neighborhood! We suggest first contacting your local food bank to determine any restrictions they may have on what they can accept, and what they may be in need of. If you can’t find enough people to host a food drive with, you can always run a fundraiser on behalf of your local food bank. This way they receive the money to order groceries and items they need, ensuring they meet the needs of everyone coming through the food bank for a meal.

Pay Away the Layaway

This is a nonprofit organization that helps pay off layaway balances for families. This helps families have a wonderful Christmas, and for children to receive toys, books, clothing, and other items they may not have otherwise received. There are many different ways to get involved with Pay Away the Layaway, so you can help families in your community.

Operation Christmas Spirit

Did you know you can “adopt” a military family for the holiday season? Operation Christmas Spirit is a wonderful program that allows individuals to “adopt” a military family and donate gifts to their children, and a gift the whole family can use. It’s a great way to give back to the people who serve our country and show them how appreciated their service is. Operation Christmas Spirit’s website provides details on many different ways you can help out a local military family!

Adopt a Four-Legged Friend

Head to your local animal shelter to find a new family member! Not only will you make their lives much better, but chances are they will also make yours better. What’s better than spending your holiday season with a new furry companion? If you can’t adopt, another great suggestion is to donate money, or items the shelters need for the many animals they have in their care.

Donate Clothing

Another wonderful way to give back to your community this holiday season is to donate clothing, or other items to your local homeless shelter. Not only will it clear your closet, and only take a small amount of your time, but it is guaranteed to brighten someone’s day. Find your local homeless shelter today to find out where you can donate your items!


What do you like to do to give back to your community during the holidays? Let us know your suggestions below!