How to Keep Bugs Out of Your Home

Let’s be honest, no one enjoys finding creepy crawlies inside their home. They can get into your food and be an overall nuisance. So, how do you keep them from getting inside? Mr. Clean Can has some helpful tips that will keep the bugs from making their way into your home.

Check Your Doors & Windows

If there are any cracks or tiny openings in the seal of your door, or screen of your window, it’s an open invitation for bugs to come into your home. We recommend repairing any cracks, and replacing your weather stripping if you find any gaps that critters could crawl through.

Clean Your Home

Not only will cleaning your home help you find any hidden creatures, but it will also prevent them from wanting to stay in your home. The main room you’ll want to keep as spotless as possible is the kitchen. Any small crumbs that are left behind will attract all kinds of bugs.

Along with keeping your kitchen clean, you’ll want to make sure your pantry items are stored in air tight containers. This includes flour, sugars, spices, and so on. If you find that those pesky beetles are still finding their way into your flour, we recommend storing it in your refrigerator or freezer.

Dry Any Damp Areas in Your Home

Now that you’ve swept up the crumbs, keep an eye out for any damp areas in your kitchen, or anywhere else in your house. Along with food, bugs will be looking for water. If you have any leaky faucets, pipes, etc., you will want to fix those as soon as possible. This helps to avoid creating a desirable place for bugs to hang out. If you find there are certain areas that are prone to humidity, we recommend running a dehumidifier!

Be Careful with What You Bring Inside

Do you have any outside materials you bring inside on a regular basis? This could include fire wood, tools, and so on. If so, take a look over them before you bring them inside, because you may find a few hitchhiking critters. Along with this, we suggest making sure anything like trash cans, or other items that attract bugs, are placed away from windows and doors.

Spray Your Home

An easy and effective way to keep the bugs out is to create a barrier around the outside of your home. Mr. Clean Can recommends spraying something like Ortho Home Defense around the exterior of your home, including entry ways for doors and windows. You typically only have to spray at the beginning of each season, and you will quickly discover that no bugs are coming inside, and if they do make their way in, they don’t live for very long. We recommend reading the instructions and safety information before spraying to make sure you and your family stay safe!

If you follow these simple tips, you’ll find that your home has less of these “uninvited guests”, which can help you sleep more soundly at night!