How to Keep Your Can Smelling Fresh Between Cleanings

Cleaning your trash can is the number one way to prevent foul odors that cause you to hold your breath when throwing your trash out. But, how do you keep your can smelling fresh between cleanings? Luckily for you, Mr. Clean Can is the best person to ask this question! Read his tips and tricks below.

Keep Your Can Smelling Fresh

There are a few ways to prevent your trash can from becoming smelly between cleanings. Some of these options can even help keep critters out of your can, which is a win-win!

  • Sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of your can. It will absorb any unwanted smells, therefore keeping your trash can smelling clean!
  • If you have extra cat litter, sprinkle some of this on the bottom of your can. It will take care of the smells, as well as prevent bacteria buildup by absorbing moisture!
  • Dryer sheets are a great way to make your trash can smell nice while also absorbing those unpleasant stenches! Just place a few in the bottom of your can and replace them whenever needed!
  • If you have any essential oils you love the smell of, or even some vanilla extract sitting in your pantry, just dip a few cotton balls in your favorite scent and toss them into your garbage bin! Bonus tip: use peppermint oil for a pleasant smell and to keep raccoons out of your can!
  • Purchase our Trash Can Tonic to use in between cleanings! This is our own blend of bio enzymes and fresh fragrance that gets to work on neutralizing any odor-causing bacteria left in porous surfaces.

Schedule Regular Trash Can Cleanings

If you aren’t having your trash can regularly cleaned, it’s likely it will continue to smell bad, even after using the tips listed above. We recommend having a regular cleaning scheduled at least once a month. Not only will the nasty smells be taken care of, but you’re also eliminating harmful bacteria that could cause you or your family to get sick.

Here at Clean Cans, we offer trash can cleaning service in Central Florida! You have the option of either two cleanings per month, one cleaning per month, or scheduling a one-time cleaning. We will make your life easier by taking the pesky task of having to clean your trash can off your hands. Not only will you be happy with your clean can, but your neighbors will be thanking you too!

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