Learning Activities You Can Do at Home With Your Kids

Due to the spread of COVID-19, many parents have had to navigate how to help their children learn from home. Mr. Clean Can wants to help you with some fun learning activities you can do with your kid(s) right at home. Not only do they help during this time, but they will also be useful any time in the future!

Alphabet Hunting

Do you have any old magazines or newspapers lying around with no purpose? Good news is there is a learning activity you can do with your kids involving hunting through those old magazines and newspapers! All you have to do is make a list A-Z on some paper (with spaces next to each letter). Hand the list over to your kid and instruct them to look for a picture of something that starts with each letter. They will cut the image out and glue it next to the letter. This not only helps with understanding the alphabet, but can also encourage creativity if they are struggling to find an image of something that begins with a certain letter!

Multiplication BINGO

Math is not always a fan favorite, but who doesn’t love BINGO? Multiplication BINGO can help your kid(s) learn math while having fun. Just grab a sheet of paper, draw up a BINGO board, and write numbers in the spaces. Be sure to use a times table for the numbers, so if you’re teaching multiples of five, you would write only multiples of five in the spaces! Next, all you have to do is call out multiplication questions related to the times table you chose. If you don’t feel like calling them out, you can just make up some flash cards, and have your kid(s) flip over the cards and cross out the answers as they go along! Find out more about this activity and others here.

Pin the Plane on the Map

A fun way to help your kids learn geography is by playing “Pin the Plane on the Map”. All you have to do is either print out a blank map from the internet, or draw up the continents on a large piece of paper. You can use a pin, stickers, or whatever else you come up with for this next part. Hand your kid(s) whatever they are marking the map with, and then ask them to mark where each continent is. For example, ask, “Which continent on the map is Asia?”, and have them mark their answer! If you want a more advanced version, you can read a fact about the continent, or even a country within the continent, and have them mark where you are referring to on the map! For example, “This country is known for hockey and maple syrup. Which continent is it located in?” Your child would then mark North America, as the country in question is Canada!

Virtual Field Trip

One of the best parts about school for kids is being able to go on field trips! Luckily, according to livescience.com, “More than 2,500 museums around the world have made their collections accessible online through Google Arts and Culture; you can also use Google to access virtual tours of national parks in the U.S.” You and your kid can go on a field trip without having to leave the house! Just grab your computer, tablet, or smartphone and head over to the websites tagged to get started. Just from virtually visiting these locations, your kid (and maybe even you!) can learn a lot about history, art, culture, and more!

Do you have any fun learning activities you like to do at home with your kids? Let us know in the comments!