Low Maintenance Plants to Keep Around Your Home

Adding plants to your home isn’t just a way to make your home look great. They can also help purify your air, and certain ones you can even eat! However, sometimes in our day to day lives, we tend to forget about these plants and they end up dying. Luckily for you, Mr. Clean Can has a list of low maintenance plants that you can easily keep around for months!

Kitchen Plants

Lemon Balm

The Lemon Balm plant will help keep the kitchen smelling fresh. It requires little maintenance, just some indirect light, and some water a few times a week will keep this plant around for a couple of months!


Much like the Lemon Balm, Mint is easy to maintain, and it’s a great addition to drinks and dishes! It requires indirect sunlight, and a little water about four times a week.


Basil is another great addition to your kitchen plants! It requires quite a bit of sunshine, and occasional water. You can use the basil to add to your spaghetti, Caprese salad, or any other dish that would be elevated with fresh basil! When harvesting the basil leaves, just be sure to take them from the top and work your way down from there!



Bathroom Plants

Kimberly Queen Fern

Not only will the look of the Kimberly Queen Fern make your bathroom look great, but it will do very well in the environment! This plant requires low light, and will love the humidity from your shower!


Make your bathroom a Zen place with bamboo! It looks great and thrives in any light. We recommend putting the bamboo in a container with some pebbles and water. You only have to water bamboo occasionally, which makes it the perfect plant for people on the go!

Bedroom Plants

French Lavender

In our opinion, French Lavender is the best plant to keep in your room. The scent from this plant helps you feel calm and serene, which is the best way to feel when laying in bed! As long as the lavender is in a windowsill where it can receive plenty of sunlight, and you water it regularly while allowing the top of the soil to dry for a couple of days between watering, it will last you a while!

Spider Plant

The Spider Plant has been proven to remove up to 90% of potentially carcinogenic chemical formaldehyde from the air. As long as you properly care for this plant, it can last for about a year! You just need to make sure it is in indirect sunlight, and you’ll need to water it once a week! We think that’s pretty easy for a plant that keeps your air clean!

Living Room Plants

Peace Lily

For the room where everyone hangs out, you want something that catches everyone’s eye! The Peace Lily is just that plant. It’s beautiful, and easy to maintain. It thrives in sunlight, but will still survive if it isn’t in direct sunlight. We recommend watering the Peace Lily once a week, but you’ll know if it needs more water if it begins to drop its leaves!

Cast Iron Plant

The Cast Iron Plant is the best for someone who wants a plant that will last years with very little maintenance. It is very difficult to kill this plant, and you only have to water it a couple times a week. Not only this, but it does best in those dark corners of the living room that could use some décor!

There are many different plants out there that are great for anyone with little time to tend to them, but still want to brighten up your living space. We suggest looking further into these plants to learn about their different toxicity levels to pets before adding them to your home!