Organize Clutter Around the House With These Top 5 Tips

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A new year has rolled around and for a lot of us, that means meeting New Year’s resolutions and goals. Even though Clean Cans can’t help you lose weight or earn more money, we’re here to help you reduce and organize clutter so you can feel better relaxing in your home.

A clean and tidy space is the starting point for a good day or perfect for winding down after a bad one. Even though cleaning up clutter sounds like a chore, you’ll be happier once it’s done.

Here are some fun and easy ways to help you get started organizing clutter around your house!

Repurpose Your Junk Drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer or two around the house full of miscellaneous items that may or may not ever get used. Opening up a junk drawer can be overwhelming if you have to dig through the whole thing just to find one item.

A great way to add a little rhyme and reason is to put bins in your junk drawer. That way, you can bunch items together that make sense. Or at the very least, you can take out each bin and have an easier time sifting through to find what you want.

Reorganize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Often, pots and pans are thrown together in a cabinet with hopes the door will simply close. Sometimes, getting a specific pot or frying pan from the cabinet can make a mess. Especially if what you’re looking for is in the back or under a bunch of other things.

Why not hang your pots and pans instead? Hanging your cookware looks nice in a kitchen and frees up a cabinet to put other things too.

If that’s not your thing, get some shelf doublers to make finding a specific item easier. They also work well for organizing plates, mugs and glasses too. Don’t forget to consider a lazy susan as those can help you organize your cabinets too.

Get Containers For Your Pantry

Opening the door to a pantry often reveals a bunch of half opened boxes and cans stacked on top of one another. To organize this cluttered look, buy some clear containers to put your dried goods in.

Not only will it make your pantry look more attractive, it will help keep your food fresher too. To make even more space, consider getting a hanging organizer to put on the door. You can put food packets or spices back there for easy access.

Put Spices in Clear Containers

One place that is most cluttered in every kitchen is the spice cabinet. It can be hard to find the exact ingredient you’re looking for when it’s hidden behind 10 other containers.

A great way to organize clutter in this cabinet is to put your spices into clear containers that are labeled. That way, they can stack uniformly on each other and make finding what you need easier.

An even better way to store spices is to line the jars up on a shelf in your kitchen. With everything in a row, you’ll be able to spot what you need right away when you’re cooking.

Find a Home For Every Item in Your Closet

Another area in every home that needs organizing is the closet. Lots of items are put into closets never to be seen again as they get buried under more and more things.

One way to organize clutter in the closet is to make sure every item has a home. Get creative with the space by adding shelves, bins or hanging organizers. If you start having too many, start labeling!

Add Decorative Organization to Your Living Room

Every living room has clutter as members of the family leave half-finished projects or other items out. As one of the highest traffic spaces in a home, clutter build up is unavoidable.

An excellent way to help your family reduce clutter is to add decorative baskets or stackable boxes in the living room. That way, you can place items in these bins until they are used again but you won’t have to look at them all the time.

Bonus – Clean up Your Garage

Your garage is probably a mess, and is where everything ends up when it doesn’t have a place in the house.  Purchase shelving units to store items vertically so they are easily accessible and don’t take up as much space.  Maybe you’ll be able to make enough room for the car to fit again!  While you’re at it, if you store your trash cans in your garage, it would be a great time to have Clean Cans come and get rid of the stink!


We hope you like these tips from Clean Cans for organizing around the house. Feeling good in your home will help you reach your other goals and become a happier you. Make sure you try one of these tips out to kick off a clutter-free year!

What are your favorite ways to reduce clutter around the house? Let us know in the comments below!