Garbage Disposal Gets Better in Celebration and Surrounding Areas in Florida, as Clean Cans Launches Trash Can Cleaning Services

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Celebration, FL – In a move that aims to address the dire need of trash can cleaning services in communities throughout Celebration, Kissimmee, Orlando, and Davenport in Florida, Clean Cans, a subsidiary of the successful commercial pressure washing company, CleanFast USA, has launched an automated, self-contained trash can cleaning service. The move was motivated by the fact that most garbage disposal companies only collect trash and leave the cans in their filthy and unhygienic state. The reception of this new service by customers has been warm, Clean Cans reports.

“Trash cans can be unpleasant to handle, especially after garbage collection when they are littered with filth,” said Steven Button, the founder of the business. “With our services, home and business owners do not have to go through the struggle of cleaning a trash can themselves, whether they need our monthly trash can cleaning service or a one-off cleaning service, we will get it done affordably and fast. With the introduction of our trash can cleaning service in the Central Florida market, we have introduced new cleaning methods and adopted green cleaning products and techniques to guarantee this undesirable job is completed safely and effectively.”

Trash cans are always dirty, unless the trash can owner has cleaned it. The services of Clean Cans thus come handy for residents and business owners in Celebration and the surrounding areas. According to Button, the founder, the move to launch this new business came from the realization that to most homeowners, cleaning of trash cans is one of the tasks that they delay and keep delaying until it gets to the point that it will never get done. Clean Cans service, which has already started in the Southern Orlando Metro and Kissimmee areas, can be signed up for via the company’s easy to use website.

Following the launch of the business, Clean Cans, a neighborhood trash can cleaning service, has had positive feedback from their happy customers and the communities they serve. The trash can cleaning process covers three easy and effective steps; cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing. High pressure rotating cleaning heads operating at around 200 degrees work to clean and sanitize the interior of each trash can, while an enzyme based odor neutralizer attacks the source of any odors on the surfaces. To keep the environment clean, the wash water is collected onboard the trash can cleaning truck and disposed of appropriately. This rids the streets of the stinky water that is often deposited when a homeowner attempts to clean their own trash can. Customers can choose to have their trash cans cleaned once or twice a month, and those with more than one can will enjoy reduced prices on any additional cans they sign up to have cleaned

Trash can cleaning service is a relatively new and unheard of service offering in the Celebration, Kissimmee, Orlando and Davenport areas. To this end, the company is creating awareness via social media, through video promotion and involvement in community events. So far, many residents of these communities have welcomed Clean Cans and are eagerly signing up to have their trash cans cleaned. For more information visit