Summer Activities for Kids to Keep the Fun Going

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Things are heating up as we approach the height of summer here in Central Florida. Fortunately, the warm weather sets the perfect backdrop for a whole host of fun summer activities for kids. When you’re tired of sending them out with the bicycles or the idea of playing tag one more time gets old, get some inspiration from us! Here’s a list of summer activities for kids that includes both indoor and outdoor ideas to help you keep the summer fun going.

Summer Activities For Kids Bird watching

One of the best ways to enjoy nature is to pay attention to what’s around in your very own backyard. To make this activity successful, consider making a bird feeder to attract birds to your yard. Simply use a toilet paper roll, put some peanut butter on it, then roll it in birdseed. If you have extra time on your hands or feel crafty, decorate the roll with your kids and make it pretty. Finally, hang up the newly decorated bird feeder and wait for the birds to come!

Plant Flowers Summer Activities For Kids

Planting some flowers is an excellent way to get kids connected with the outdoors. Let your kids choose what to plant and have them water it every day. Over time, the plants will grow and your family can enjoy the changes together. Even better, choose plants to attract butterflies. Stokes Aster is a native perennial to central Florida that is hardy and drought tolerant once established, which means the butterflies (and the kids) can enjoy it even if you forget to water it!

Water Balloons

What’s the fastest way to cool down in the heat? The answer is using water, of course! Most of the time, kids use sprinklers or the hose to cool down. Fortunately, water balloons are an inexpensive way to put a new twist on using the same old hose. Grab some from your local store and see how much they’ll love it. For an extra bit of fun, suggest they try playing baseball with them or making a slingshot to see who can fling their ballon the farthest!

Summer Activities For Kids Slip and Slide

While we’re on the topic of water, one of the best ways to dress up time with the hose is using it with a slip and slide. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on a pre-made kit because making your own is simple and easy. Start with a thick piece of plastic that’s long enough for the kids to slide across. It’s better to choose something thick rather than thin since you don’t want hard or sharp objects to puncture the kids while they’re sliding across.

To help with the friction, consider getting some dish soap to make it easier to slide. Remember, choose an environmentally friendly soap so it can soak into the ground without causing problems. Then, simply run the hose at a trickle on the plastic and watch the kids slip, slide, and splash away.

Attend the Florida Kids and Family Expo Summer Activities For Kids

This annual family event will help you make the most out of living in Central Florida. It’s an air-conditioned event with lots of activities and freebies for the kids. Best of all, you’ll find all the resources available to you. The event kicks off on August 18th and runs through the 19th with advance tickets for just $5. For more information, check out the expo here.


We hope you enjoyed this list of summer activities for kids (and parents) to enjoy together! If you want to see how Clean Cans can help make your summer even better, sign up today!