Thanksgiving Crafts for The Whole Family

‘Tis the season of gratitude, stuffing ourselves silly with turkey and celebrating the holiday with Thanksgiving crafts. While Thanksgiving is all about preparing a feast to enjoy with family and friends, there are ways to celebrate outside of the big day.

That’s why we’ve gathered some of the best Thanksgiving crafts the whole family can enjoy. Here are some activities to help you and your family members bond and give thanks.


Prep Turkey Snack Bags for a Quick Bite

Using a clear glove, fill the fingers with colorful crackers. Keep in mind the fingers represent the feathers of a turkey so try and stay in the color scheme of reds, yellows and oranges. You can use lots of tasty snacks like Cheez-Its, Goldfish or Cheetos.  

Then, fill the palm of the glove with neutral colored snacks like popcorn or plain chips. Prep a bunch of them to throw in your kids’ lunch boxes or even make some for the whole class!

Use Hands and Feet for This Thanksgiving Crafts Activity

All hands (and feet) on deck for this project! Using color felt pieces, help your child outline their hand on yellow, orange and red felt. Then outline their foot on a brown piece of felt and cut out all the shapes you’ve just created.

Now, flip the foot outline upside down and use it as the body of a turkey. Glue the hand prints behind the body of the turkey using a hot glue gun. Finish with eyes, a beak and don’t forget the signature red flesh under a turkey’s neck, called a wattle.

Craft a Gratitude Pie

Get the whole family involved in giving gratitude with this Thanksgiving crafts project. First, paint a paper plate yellow for the crust of a pie. Then, use a piece of paper to cut out a circle the size of the center of the plate. 

Decorate this circle as your pie top. Here, you can get creative and cut out strips of paper to look like the crisscross braided on a pie or draw and color it. Once you’re finished, cut out a “slice” of the pie (leaving the very center intact) before attaching the center to the plate with a brad. 

Write on the pie “I am thankful for”. Then, taking turns, have each member of the family fill in what they’re thankful for in the spaces made by the slice of pie.

Take a Walk to Find Thanksgiving Crafts Supplies

This activity combines creativity with physical activity. Start by going on an outdoor walk together as a family and look for pine cones, leaves and other objects you can use later to build a turkey. 

Pine cones make wonderful turkey bodies and colorful leaves can act as feathers. Can’t find a pine cone? Just draw a turkey’s body out of paper. The important part is spending time together and making the most out of what you find. 


What are some of your favorite ways to show gratitude during the Thanksgiving holiday season? Let us know your favorite crafts and activities in the comments below!