Tips for Fall Lawn Maintenance in Central FL

Living in Central Florida, many of us are used to nonstop sunshine and warm weather. However, when we hit the fall season, we occasionally feel a little chill in the air and see slightly less sun. How does this change the way you take care of your lawn? Mr. Clean Can has some tips for fall lawn maintenance in Central Florida!

1. Loosen Soil

You’ll want to keep your lawn from getting too compact by aerating it. This helps your lawn get the nutrients, water, and oxygen it needs to stay healthy. If you decide to place some plants around your landscape, this will also help keep their roots healthy, therefore keeping your plants looking alive and well!

2. Mow Less

That’s right! You don’t have to mow as much as you typically would during the warmer seasons. With less rain and a little less sun, your grass won’t grow as much as you’re used to. Use your own judgment for when you feel your grass needs to be mowed, but typically we recommend a couple times a month.

3. Fertilize!

After you’ve loosened your soil, it’s the best time to fertilize your lawn. The fertilizer will help prepare your lawn for your plants to grow and stay healthy. Not only is this great for the cooler seasons, but it gets your lawn ready for the heavy rain that comes in the spring!

4. Spread Seed

Now that your lawn is prepped with loosened soil and fertilizer, it’s the perfect time to spread some seed! If spreading seed isn’t your go-to, it’s also a great time to lay sod. This will make your lawn look thick and healthy, while simultaneously keeping those pesky weeds from growing.

5. Water Your Lawn

With the fall weather comes slightly less rain here in Central Florida. This means it’s time to start watering your lawn more than you have in the past.  Whether you water it yourself, or have an irrigation system installed, this will be the best way to guarantee a beautiful, healthy yard!

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