Top 4 Reasons To Have Your Trash Can Cleaned

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Each day we toss garbage and whole host of other things in our trash can…

The coffee grounds left over after your morning caffeine boost. The meat trimmings from the chicken alfredo being prepared for dinner last night. Add to that the contents of the vacuum cleaner. Then the kids’ banana skins and half-drank juice boxes. Why is it our kids act like they have been on a trek across the Sahara Desert for 5 and a half weeks with no water when they are thirsty? Then only take 2 sips of a drink and proclaim they are done!

Our trash cans are downright unsanitary by the time garbage pickup day comes. If you live in Davenport or Kissimmee, you have to wait a week for pickup!  The stench grows and general ickiness multiplies. If you’re in Celebration you’ll have two garbage pickups per week. But if the trash is not bagged or has leaked out into the can itself, the smell and festering will continue!

 So here’s the rundown… You likely know that your trash can is dirty and it needs to be cleaned.  It’s just as likely that you didn’t know that there is a dedicated service out there for it. Clean Cans will clean your trash can for you on a monthly schedule.

Here are the Top 4 Reasons to Have Your Trash Can Cleaned

1. The Smell

 Yup, it’s not rocket science. You put smelly things in it each week, it’s going to smell. Even after the garbage guys come and empty the trash from inside it, there is usually the lingering odor that stinks out your garage.

 You know the odor I’m talking about, the one that hits you smack in the face when you open the door to the garage – a mixture of fish, sweaty socks, rotten meat and… the black plague!

 2. The Dirt

 Have you looked at the inside of your trash can recently? Chances are that there is grime and dirt buildup in the corners from the weekly garbage accumulation – meat juices, sugary drink spills and fruit and vegetable cores, peels and skins.  The garbagemen may remove the bulk of it, but some is always left behind. As a result, the bacteria and remnants remain and make for a pretty disgusting environment in there.

 Not really what you want to be touching or your kids to be touching when you holler at them to take the trash out and they come back in with their finger in their nose, bite their finger nails and give their butt a good scratch. That’s like the grand slam of disgusting right there!

 3. You Have Better Things To Do

 So we have established that your trash can is probably smelly and dirty. Juicebox Kid - Trash Can Cleaning It’s something I’m sure you have been aware of for a long time. The chore that you know has been needing done but is WAY down on your priority list.

 The truth is, you have better things to do than to clean your trash can. You have had a long day at work. You have to walk the dog. The cat needs to be fed. The kids have homework. They have soccer. The kids need to be fed and they’re thirsty (half juice box at the ready!).  You have a meeting to prepare for. Your NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL teams are all playing this weekend and don’t forget the Real Housewives of Everywhere is on at 8pm.

While you gag each time you open the lid, or hold your breath to avoid the stench, it still isn’t a priority or something that you yearn to do.

 4. You Are No Good At Cleaning Your Trash Can

 Let’s take a huge leap and imagine that you do try to clean your own trash can. I know, it’s like we have stepped into the twilight zone!

First of all, you’re just no good at it.  Furthermore, you will likely use a lot of water, some harsh cleaning solutions, ruin your t-shirt, soak yourself, and struggle to reach inside the trash can to clean thoroughly. On a more serious note, the wash water will wind its way down your street or alley carrying all the crud that was inside. The stench that was previously resident in your trash can is now acquainting itself with your neighbors… and in this case, sharing is not caring!

 Clean Cans is Your Neighborhood Trash Can Cleaning Service

Using our high pressure, hot water trash can cleaning system we can safely and effectively clean your trash can. The most you have to do is click a few buttons to sign up. We collect the wash water on board our trash can cleaning truck. We filter the water and the solid material collected. Then we safely dispose of the water in the sanitary sewer. We use an enzyme based odor neutralizer that attacks the source of the odor and not just mask it with a scent.