Trash Can Cleaning Stops Spread of Bacteria to Your Home

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Regular trash can cleaning does a lot more than get you the shiniest cans on the block. Clean, sanitized cans will protect you and your family from exposure to millions of harmful viruses and bacteria.

The average American will throw away 600 times his or her own body weight in trash in a lifetime. That’s 90,000 pounds per person!  The trip to the landfill for all this garbage begins in your trash cans.  Without regular trash can cleaning, your can becomes a breeding ground for disease.  Over the course of just a few days, residue left behind by your trash begins to grow into bacteria.

Every time your spouse takes out the trash to cross off their honey-do list, or your child finishes their weekly chores dragging in the bins, harmful bacteria is transferred to their hands.  That bacteria can be transferred to anywhere on the body and brought back into the home where it is spread to family members and pets.

Bacteria thrives in the places we least expect like your TV Remote control, the keyboard of the family computer, and salt & pepper shakers just to name a few.  Would you let your family use these household items after they spent a few days in you trash can?

Trash Can Cleaning #Trashfacts. The Typical Household Throws Out 10-15% Of The Food It Purchases.

The typical household throws away 10-15% of the food it purchases.  E coli, Salmonella, and Listeria bacteria from discarded food live and breed in your dirty trash cans if you are not cleaning them regularly.  Dirty trash cans could be putting your family at risk of infection everyday.

What can I do?

Simply hosing off your cans is not enough to kill these harmful, disease causing bacteria.  Scheduling regular trash can cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing service is the smartest decision you can make to keep you family safe.

How do I schedule my trash can cleaning?

Let the Clean Cans team start protecting your family today and get the cleanest cans on the block. Just let us know your trash pickup service days and we’ll take care of the rest!