Trash Tips: Simple Hacks to Help Make Your Life Easier

Does dealing with your trash stress you out? Maybe it’s the constant bad odor, or maybe it’s filling up too quickly, inevitably leaving you to take out the trash constantly. Whatever it is that stresses you out about your trash, Mr. Clean Can has some tips and tricks that will save you time and energy!

Does Your Trash Can Fill Up Too Quickly?

If you find yourself constantly taking the trash out, it may be time for a bigger can! This would be the simplest fix, however if you’re using the wrong size trash bags, you may continue to find yourself having this issue. When you use bags that are too small for your trash can, not only will they fill faster, but they’re more likely to rip and smell, due to them being overfilled.

To find out what size bag is best for your trash can, you’ll need a measuring tape. Once you measure the width and height of your can, enter the information on PlasticMill’s website. They have a helpful bag size calculator that can help you determine what will work best for you.

Trash Bag Problems?

Is your trash bag constantly ripping? When you pull out a new trash bag, do you accidentally pull the entire roll out, sometimes box included? Both of these scenarios are equally as frustrating, but Mr. Clean Can is here to help! If you’re constantly throwing out sharp objects, this could be the cause of your trash bag rips. One way to avoid this is to wrap any sharp objects in paper, such as newspaper, before throwing it out. You could also put it in any box, like a cereal box, before tossing it in your trash can.

If you’re struggling to grab a replacement bag, or sometimes even forget to, we have a couple of solutions. One is to install a wall mount you can slide your roll of trash bags on, allowing you to pull and tear them off without yanking the entire roll out of your cabinet. Another easy solution is to keep the bags in the bottom of your trash can, so when you take the trash out, all you have to do is reach in and grab the replacement!

Does Your Trash Can Constantly Smell Bad?

Everyone knows, trash doesn’t smell great. However, there are ways to mask the odor and keep it under control. The first thing you will want to do is make sure your trash can is clean. A clean can may take care of that odor problem. If it doesn’t we have a few tips to keep the smell at bay. A popular option is to use scented trash bags, which can mask certain smells.

Another simple trick is to have two trash cans. One regular sized can for your regular trash, and one smaller sized one for anything that’s going to stink up the place, such as fruit, meat, and so on. The smaller one will fill up quicker than your larger can, causing you to take it out more regularly, therefore avoiding any stenches!

And, of course, if you’re interested in monthly cleanings for your can(s), sign up today for our can cleaning service!