What Can I Use to Clean My Trash Can?

What Can I Use to Clean My Trash Can

Listen, no one likes to clean the trash can (we’re talking about the outdoor garbage can here, not the little one in the kitchen). It’s a stinky job with lots of germs.  Not to mention how close your nose has to get by the stench if you end up sticking your whole head in there (yuck!).

So what are you supposed to do short of arming yourself with full-sleeved gloves, nose plugs, waterproof clothing, and maybe even some headgear?  Luckily, there are ways to make cleaning the garbage bin faster, easier, and takes less effort from you. Here are the best ways to make it easy when you clean the trash can.

Use the Right Cleaner

Before you go grabbing any industrial powered cleaner, remember that all wastewater from rinsing your can goes straight down the storm drain. Pollutants or contaminants in storm drains goes untreated and can lead to rivers, lakes, canals, or the ocean.

Try mixing a solution of hot water & dish soap. When you’re ready to rinse out your can, do it over the grass to keep from pouring the dirty water down the storm drain.

For a more environmentally friendly alternative, substitute the cleaning mixture with vinegar and baking soda. Vinegar has acidic properties that make it an excellent product to clean your trash can. Baking soda works well because of its odor neutralizing properties.

If you’ve got some tea tree oil around, include that in the mix. Tea tree oil is antibacterial (so it acts like soap) and can leave your garbage can smelling fresh.

Let It Soak

Make sure to let your cleaning solution soak before scrubbing or rinsing it out. This is especially important at the bottom of the can where liquids accumulate.

Once you’ve poured cleaning solution into the can, close the lid and shake it a bit. Let it sit for about 20 minutes before moving onto the next step.

Add Some Pressure

If you haven’t cleaned the trash can in awhile, it likely has a lot of buildup from stray liquids. The only way to get rid of those is to add some pressure.

Use a toilet brush, scrub brush, or broom to scrape the bottom and sides of the can.

Next, use some water pressure. Find the strongest option on the head of your garden hose and spray into the can. If you have a pressure washer – use it. Make sure you’re wearing appropriate clothes for the back spray that might get you soaked though!

Let Someone Else Handle It

Cleaning the trash can may not be a chore everyone wants to do. If that’s the case, let Clean Cans handle it.  For just a few dollars a month, Clean Cans will come by your home and clean your trash can for you!  It’s a safe, fast, and eco-friendly alternative to cleaning your own trash cans. 

The Clean Cans truck is equipped with high powered jets, making sure the sticky stuff gets blasted out leaving your cans sparkling!  Plus, the truck hopper catches all the wastewater and debris, ensuring harmful pollutants aren’t heading down your storm drain into rivers and streams.

Avoid the smell (and stay dry) by having Clean Cans handle your trash can cleaning each month!   Check out the video below to see how Clean Cans can make cleaning the trash can quick and easy!