What’s Hiding in Your Trash Can?

When is the last time you really looked in your trash can? Most people try to avoid it out of fear of what you may find. When you look, you may see what’s been calling your trash can “home”, but there are some things that hide in your can that you can’t see.

Bugs & Bacteria

After you take a look at the bottom of your trash can, you may see little white bugs. These are maggots, and they are common to find in your trash can. Maggots are fly larvae and since rotting food attracts flies, your trash can is the perfect spot for them to lay their eggs. They also thrive in warm weather, so during the hot months, you may find them showing up more often.

Aside from maggots, there are many other pests that love your trash can. Ants, cockroaches, wasps, spiders, and even raccoons will try to make their way into your can.

Along with bugs, bacteria loves making a home in your trash can. This can be dangerous for you and your family, as it’s very easy to transfer the bacteria from your trash can into your home. The most common bacteria you’ll find in your trash can are Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria.

Not only can this bacteria make you sick, but it also causes that horrible stench that makes you hold your nose while throwing the trash out!

How to Keep the Bugs & Bacteria Away

Now that you’ve seen what’s hiding in your trash can, you’ll want to get rid of it fast! The best way to get rid of the bugs and bacteria, and keep them away, is to clean your trash can. Why do it yourself when you can hire our team to clean your cans for you?!

We suggest signing up for our once monthly can cleaning service so you can keep the pests away and keep your family safe from bacteria.

We use our own blend of odor-neutralizing bacteria that produce bio-enzymes to eliminate the bacteria that contribute to the foul smells that linger in your trash can.

We also collect the wash water and dispose of it properly at approved locations, so there will be no stinky trash can water running down your street.

Ready to get Clean Cans? You can quickly and easily get started by signing up online!