Where Should I Keep My Trash Can?

Do you find yourself constantly dealing with raccoons in your trash can? Or maybe you’ve discovered that your trash can takes away from the beauty of your home. This leads us to the question, where should you keep your trash can so you can avoid these issues? Mr. Clean Can is the expert, and has some ideas on where you can store your trash can around your home!

Keep The Critters (and People) Away

Are you always finding raccoons or other creatures in your trash can? Do you deal with people throwing their own garbage in your can? If so, we have a pretty simple solution! Bring your trash can into your garage, so you and your family are the only ones with access to it. Storing your trash can inside will keep those pesky critters, and sometimes pesky neighbors from rummaging through your can. Initially, the thought of having your trash can inside your garage, or another indoor area, may not sound like a good idea due to the smell. However, if you regularly clean, or sign up for a can cleaning service, this will not be an issue for you!

Camouflage Your Can!

If you don’t have room in your garage, but you still want to keep your trash can out of sight, you can camouflage it! What we mean by this, is there are ways to help hide your trash can in a way that isn’t obvious to anyone but yourself. One of our favorite ways is to either buy or build a fence, or shed, that you can keep your trash can in. We recommend purchasing material that will blend in with your landscape and the overall look of your home.

If you already have a fence around your property, it can be pretty simple to build off of it with extra material to create a small enclosure! There are also plenty of privacy screen options you can purchase from retailers such as Wayfair, Lowe’s, and Amazon.

If you don’t feel like building a fence or shed, you can also easily hide your trash can buy planting a couple of trees by your house that you can easily store your can behind! This option allows you to keep your trash can outside, but will still keep it hidden from passersby. You may even be able to find a creative way to hide your can by using flowers, or other types of plants! Just be sure that whatever you use to hide your can, that you have easy access to it, so you don’t find yourself struggling to pull the can out of its hiding spot.

Keep Your Can Clean!

Wherever you decide to store your trash can, we highly recommend keeping it clean. This will help prevent pests, the spread of bacteria, and disgusting odors. Don’t forget, we offer a can cleaning service you can sign up for! We will gladly keep your trash can sparkling for only $12 a month. Sign up today to get started on the path to can cleanliness!