Best Movie Theaters to Check Out in Orlando, FL

Everyone knows about great theme parks and restaurants in Orlando, FL, but what about movie theaters? There are a ton of great options in the area, and Mr. Clean Can has a list of his personal favorites to share with you.

Cinemark Orlando and XD

Once you enter this theater, you’ll be blown away by how beautiful it is. It’s not what you typically expect from a movie theater today. You’ll find beautiful art deco inspired chandeliers which makes you feel like you just stepped back in time! The theater is kept very clean, and offers comfortable reclining seats that make your viewing experience that much more enjoyable.

If you’re in the mood for snacks with your movie, they have an amazing assortment! From fresh popped popcorn, to pizza, and even Starbucks, they have it all. You can also order lunch or dinner entrees and have them delivered to you right at your seat during the movie!

One reviewer of Cinemark Orlando and XD writes,

“Without a doubt this is my favorite theater in all of Central Florida. Beautiful and clean. Great seating with the electric recliners. Excellent choices for food and beverages including beer, wine, and Starbucks. It’s a long way from my home north of Longwood but I’ve made the drive many times to see that “special” movie in their XD theater. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did.”

West Orange Cinema

While West Orange Cinema isn’t technically located in Orlando, it is worth the trip to Ocoee for this theater! Mr. Clean Can loves supporting local family-owned businesses, and this is one to add to the list! As soon as you arrive to this theater, you’ll immediately fall in love with the small town feel it radiates.

They don’t show as many movies as other larger theaters, but you’ll find better deals on the movies they show, as well as a kind and welcoming staff. After you purchase your ticket, be sure to hit the concession stand! We recommend the cheese fries, sandwiches, and for our 21+ friends, a nice glass of wine, or an ice cold beer!

One patron of West Orange Cinema writes,

“I love this place. It’s homey, friendly, clean, love the burgers, wine and overall service. Everyone that works there seems to love what they do. Prices are fair, movies are first run. It’s the only place I go for a movie.”

EPIC Theatres at Lee Vista

What’s better than a movie theater where every seat is a great seat? At EPIC Theatres at Lee Vista, you’ll find exactly that! The seats are comfortable, recline, and offer a great view of the screen no matter where you’re sitting.

They have delicious popcorn, and have it available in a self serve area, so you aren’t waiting in a line for someone to fill your popcorn for you. Along with this, you’ll find many other snacks to choose from, including hot dogs, ICEEs, and so on.

One Google reviewer of EPIC Theatres at Lee Vista said,

“AWESOME theater! Super comfy chairs that recline, clean bathrooms, good food that has an easy self-serve model.”

Whether it’s a rainy day, or there’s a movie you’re dying to see, we recommend taking your family to one of these options! You may even find your new go-to local theater!