How Often Should You Clean Your Trash Can?

Have you ever cleaned your trash can? Many people don’t think to clean their trash can because, let’s be honest, that’s where the trash goes, it’s supposed to be dirty right? However, this is actually not true at all. Think about how many times you touch your trash can, and how much bacteria from the dirty trash can is being transferred to your hands, and then on to whatever else you touch after that! But, how often should you clean your trash can? No worries if you don’t know the answer! Mr. Clean Can is here to answer that question for you!

Let’s Talk Numbers

So, you know you need to clean your trash can(s), but how often should you be doing this? Well, for starters, something to remember is that bacteria are among the fastest growing organisms in the world. Bacteria multiply and grow every four to twenty minutes. If that doesn’t make you want to run to clean your trash can now, we don’t know what will! You can read more about the spread of bacteria in trash cans in our other post, Trash Can Cleaning Stops Spread of Bacteria to Your Home. At Clean Cans, we recommend having your can(s) cleaned once a month. By “clean”, we don’t mean just grab a hose and spray your can, we mean either having it professionally cleaned, or cleaning it yourself with environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Sign Up for Can Cleaning Service Today!

If cleaning your trash can yourself once a month sounds like something you either don’t have time for, or maybe even the patience for, sign up for our can cleaning service! We are more than happy to take care of your dirty work for you! We offer our professional can cleaning service for only $12 a month. This includes NO contracts and one cleaning per month! Have more than one can you need cleaned? No problem! It’s only $5 per additional can! We also offer a one time cleaning option for those of you that don’t want to sign up for a monthly service.

Don’t pass bacteria around your home from your trash can any longer! Protect your loved ones by giving your trash can a thorough cleaning at least once a month! Not only will you protect your family from the harmful bacteria, but also from the horrible stench that’s creeping out of your can!