The Original Trash Can Cleaning Service in Windermere FL!

As the first trash can cleaning service in Windermere, Clean Cans is the choice you make when you know your trash cans stink, but you don’t want to clean them yourself! We’ve all been there. You make a mental note in the back of your head saying, “I’m going to clean the trash cans today”, and for some reason you never get around to it. We don’t blame you. Who really wants to clean out a gunk infested breeding ground for bacteria? Clean Cans does!! 

We launched our trash can cleaning service in Windermere because we understand just how chaotic life can get. Whether you are making the daily commute back and forth to work, running the kids to school or volunteering your time in the community – the last thing you want to do after a long day is clean out your foul-smelling trash cans.

Let Clean Cans take some of that burden off your shoulders with the most convenient and effective trash can cleaning service in Windermere. Worried about cost? Don’t be. Our pricing doesn’t compare to the value we offer – no more gagging, pinching your nose or procrastinating – we provide peace of mind by taking this chore off your list!

Watch our video and see why we are the best solution for trash can cleaning in Windermere!

So, you’re probably wondering “how does it work?”

Well, let’s break it down for you.

  • When your garbage collection service is finished emptying your trash cans, we get to work that day or the day after pickup with our trash can cleaning truck.

  • Equipped with high pressure rotating cleaning head, we lift your trash can into position with our hydraulic can lifter and eliminate all dirt, debris, and surface staining with hot, germ busting water.

  • We then deodorize your trash cans with an environmentally friendly enzyme based product that we developed called Trash Can Tonic. This kills the odor-causing bacteria that may still be present on the trash can interior surfaces.

  • Finally, with a quick scan of our unique Clean Scan™ barcode system, you’ll receive a text notification letting you know that your cans are ready to go back inside.

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Trash Can Cleaning in Windermere FL!

Clean Cans, Trash Can Cleaning In Windermere

Clean Cans is proud to provide trash can cleaning service in Windermere, Florida. In addition to serving residential customers within Windermere, Clean Cans also serves commercial customers!

If you’re interested in the best trash can cleaning in Windermere, sign up today! We’re always looking for new neighbors!

Your HOA May Cause a Stink…

As many of you know, the majority of HOAs and municipalities require residents to keep their trash cans locked up tight in their garages, this can not only cause an unpleasant smell from unwashed trash cans, but also can also attract ants, cockroaches and flies. 

In addition to homeowner trash can cleaning services in Windermere, we also offer our trash can cleaning services to our community management entities and HOA Boards. Reach out to us find out how we can help provide a service that will have community residents raving about a great service.

Don’t procrastinate any longer. Get your self signed up for the #1 rated trash can cleaning service in Central Florida and the Windermere area today!

Here’s What Your Neighbors Are Saying!

Still not convinced Clean Cans is the right service for you?

Check out some of these great reviews from our awesome customers!

“I just had my first cleaning today and I am so pleased at the results! I just signed up this past Friday and they were able to get me scheduled so quickly. Both cans were filthy, and one had a ton of maggots and flies inside. My trash cans are so clean inside and out now. Thank you, Clean Cans!”

– Jennifer Michelle

“Such an amazing service! We keep our cans in our garage so when they get stinky and gross it’s a pain to clean. These guys come clean and bring them back up to my house fresh and new! They seriously smell so clean afterwards!”

– Leighann Dickens

“I’m floored at Clean Cans’ impeccable job. The truck is a work of art, but it’s not the star of the show. Clean Cans’ punctuality, promptness, and thoroughness is what makes this locally owned company shine, almost as much as the cans they clean!

We decided to give this business a go because cleaning our garbage can was simply something, we hadn’t even thought of doing. That coupled with the fact we’d be supporting a locally owned business, plus the extremely reasonable price, we figured we’d try it out.

Right before booking Clean Cans, I took a look in our garbage can and it was gross. There was years of crud all over the inside, dirt, and some other things that I’m not really sure what to call. Normally we just open it up and toss the garbage in without thinking twice. After Clean Cans left I can safely say I can eat out of my garbage. Just like George Costanza.

This business is awesome – I highly recommend it.”

– Rory Thompson

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Two Cleanings Each Month
Per Month
  • Two Cleanings Per Month
  • 3 Month Minimum
  • Additional Cans Only +$10/Cleaning
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Once Monthly

Keep Your Cans Sparkling
Per Month
  • One Cleaning per Month
  • 3 Month Minimum
  • Each Additional Can Only +$10!


Cleanings Every 3 Months
Every 6 Months
  • Four Cleanings Per Year
  • No Contracts!
  • Additional Cans +$10/Cleaning


Single Cleaning
Per Cleaning
  • One Cleaning
  • Each Additional Can +$15

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