Why You Should Clean Your Trash Can

Well, it’s holding trash already, right? So, why would I clean my trash can?

This is a common response when someone gets asked whether they clean their trashcan. People throw rotten food, empty containers, and other bits and pieces of household waste in their trash cans. As time passes, we start to regard the container as something dirty and distasteful.

It’s true that trash cans turn germy and unpleasant sooner or later. But should it really be this way?

Cleaning your trash can keeps your home a healthier and tidier place. Same goes for rental properties, says Orlando PM. Clean trash cans can even help you rent out a property sooner.

In this article, we’ll go over the various reasons you should regularly clean your trash can. It’s likely that there are more benefits than you would imagine at first.

Reason #1: Eliminate Maggots

All that trash together with older remains attracts flies. Taken separately, flies are already a nuisance. But these insects lay their eggs in trash cans that spread strong odors.

When you fail to clean your trash can, a layer of moist organic material emerges in the container. This slimy film is a perfect nest for flies. After having flies buzzing around, you could start seeing maggots crawling inside your trash can.

Reason #2: Stop Wild Animals

Do you have wild animals in your area? Many of these animals are attracted to the smell of trash. When you have new bags in a clean trash can, there usually won’t be any odors that would cross the minimum threshold to create interest.

But the remnants of old trash linger on in the air surrounding your can. When you live close to wilderness, regular cleaning of your trash can is an essential step for keeping wild animals out.

Plus, some animals, such as raccoons, take interest in dirty trash cans even in dense urban areas.

Reason #3: Mitigate Rodents

Rodents love to search for food. All the smells spreading from your trash are signals to the hungry creatures that there delicious snacks are waiting for them.

Even if you currently have no food items in your trash can, the older remains attract mice and rats. In addition to causing inconvenience, rodents carry a wide range of health risks:

• Hantavirus
• Rat-Bite Fever (RBF)
• Roundworm
• Salmonellosis

Reason #4: Boost Curb Appeal

Clean trash cans aren’t only a matter of health and sanitation. Most homeowners want to get the most out of their curb appeal. Dirty trash cans are definitely something that stands in their way.

Take care of your trash can cleanliness to boost your curb appeal. The aesthetic appeal of clean containers is more powerful than you think. Having a shiny can that doesn’t smell sets could be one of the factors that set you apart from the rest.

Reason #5: Combat Bad Odors

A sizable portion of the trash we throw away emanates unpleasant odors. Disposable diapers and rotting food scraps are the usual suspects here. Although you throw this waste away, some part of the odor-causing chemicals stays inside the can.

The problem with bad odors isn’t just about pinching your nose when opening the trash can lid. Some of these smells attract pests, which pose potentially serious health risks.

Reason #6: Remove Bacteria

Dirty trash cans provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. These germs are far from the beneficial kind of strains that you’d find in yogurt or cheese. Instead, the depths of your trash can harbor harmful bacteria, such as listeria and salmonella.

Only a thorough cleaning can get rid of these germs. When you let the bacteria colonies reproduce and expand, the chance of you or your family getting sick increases significantly.

How to clean your trash can?

Your best option is contacting professionals. As we have seen, dirty trash cans contain numerous health hazards. When you do the cleaning by yourself, you’ll get exposed to considerable medical risks.

But there are other reasons as well. Most homeowners clean their trash cans in a way that isn’t environmentally-friendly. For starters, people tend to use too much water for this job.

And when you use random cleaning products, there’s a great chance that these are harmful to the environment. Contamination of the local runoff water may be a consequence of DIY trash can cleaning.

In a nutshell: why you should clean your trash can

Dirty trash cans create a lot of problems. Although you use these containers for trash, it pays to keep the garbage cans fresh and neat.

Here are some of the top reasons for cleaning your garbage cans:

• Keep wild animals out of your home and yard
• Boost your curb appeal
• Remove a breeding ground for bacteria
• Prevent the intrusion of rodents, such as rats and mice
• Eliminate flies and maggots
• Remove bad odors


Article by Dave Knight – Real Estate Broker, Investor and Founder of https://propertymanagementorlandoflorida.com